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My Blueberry Nights


Release Date: April 4, 2008

Runtime: 90 min

Language: English

Tagline: How do you say goodbye to someone you can't imagine living without?

Director: Kar Wai Wong

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Who's In It:

Jude Law as Jeremy
Norah Jones as Elizabeth
David Strathairn as Ofcr. Arnie Copeland
Natalie Portman as Leslie
Rachel Weisz as Sue Lynne Copeland

Soundtrack / Songs: My Blueberry Nights - Various Artists - Soundtrack - 2008

1. The Story - Norah Jones
2. Living Proof - Cat Power
3. Ely Nevada - Ry Cooder
4. Try a Little Tenderness - Otis Redding
5. Looking Back - Ruth Brown
6. Long Ride - Ry Cooder, My Good Eye
7. Eyes on the Prize - Mavis Staples
8. Yumeji's Theme (Harmonica Version) - Chikara Tsuzuki, Shigeru Umebayashi
9. Skipping Stone - Amos Lee
10. Bus Ride - Ry Cooder
11. Harvest Moon - Cassandra Wilson
12. Devil's Highway - Hello Stranger
13. Pajaros - Gustavo Santaolalla
14. The Greatest - Cat Power

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Quotes From My Blueberry Nights:

Elizabeth: It took me nearly a year to get here. It wasn't so hard to cross that street after all, it all depends on who's waiting for you on the other side.

Jeremy: A few years ago, I had a dream. It began in the summer and was over by the following spring. In between, there were as many unhappy nights as there were happy days. Most of them took place in this café. And then one night, a door slammed and the dream was over.

Katya: Sometimes, even if you have the keys those doors still can't be opened. Can they?
Jeremy: Even if the door is open, the person you're looking for may not be there, Katya.

Elizabeth: Why do you keep them? You should just throw them out.
Jeremy: No. No, I couldn't do that.
Elizabeth: Why not?
Jeremy: If I threw these keys away then those doors would be closed forever and that shouldn't be up to me to decide, should it?
Elizabeth: I guess I'm just looking for a reason.
Jeremy: From my observations, sometimes it's better off not knowing, and other times there's no reason to be found.
Elizabeth: Everything has a reason.
Jeremy: Hmm. It's like these pies and cakes. At the end of every night, the cheesecake and the apple pie are always completely gone. The peach cobbler and the chocolate mousse cake are nearly finished... but there's always a whole blueberry pie left untouched.
Elizabeth: So what's wrong with the blueberry pie?
Jeremy: There's nothing wrong with the blueberry pie. Just... people make other choices. You can't blame the blueberry pie, just... no one wants it.


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