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Music Love Quotes

Music Love Quotes Part 1


True love is when
you're still dancing,
long after the music has stopped.

Don't forget love
is just music to your soul,
when you listen to it,
you dance in heaven.

Music is love in search of a work.

Love is the music of the heart...
keep on playing!

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In the rhythm of life,
we sometimes find
ourselves out of the tune,
but as long as there's someone
which becomes our melody,
the music plays on.
Thanks for being one of my best songs.

Where there is music there is Love.

When a man is in love,
he sings and dances
with the music of his heart.

If God is the DJ,
then Life is the dance floor;
Love is the rhythm,
and You are the music.


I may not hear
every word you speak,
but the sound of your voice
is music to my ears.

The heart is a music box
containing a love song
waiting to play for
you and your loved one.

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Love is a flickering flame
that dances to the music we cannot hear.

Listen to the music of your own heart
and trust the passion
that flows within every note.

If love is music in its purest form,
then you are the notes on the page
and the melody in my heart.

Music Love Quotes Part 1


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