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Moving On Quotes

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Life is like riding a bicycle.
To keep your balance
you must keep moving.

We must be willing to
let go of the life we have planned,
so as to accept the life
that is waiting for us

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Our eyes are placed in front
because it is more important
to look ahead than to look back.

When you get rid of the wrong people,
the right things just start to happen.

Look at life through the windshield,
not the rear-view mirror

If you want your life
to be a magnificent story,
then begin by realizing
that you are the author
and everyday you have
the opportunity to write a new page

Sometimes the cards
we are dealt are not always fair.
However you must
keep smiling & moving on

You can cross out your past,
but you can't erase it.


Getting over a painful experience
is much like crossing monkey bars.
You have to let go at
some point in order to move forward.

Time heals griefs and quarrels,
for we change and are
no longer the same persons

Take a second out to think about this:
in your life you search and search
for the right person for you.
Every time you break up with someone
you get one step closer to that person.
You should look at moving on
as getting closer to meeting the one.

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By forgiving and choosing to move on,
one takes the power back
to morph it into positive energy.

Another Sunrise,
Another New Beginning.

You can't have a better tomorrow
if you're always thinking about yesterday.

Advice: Don't leave room
in your future for people
who left you in their past.

Moving On Quotes Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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