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Good Morning Love Quotes

Morning Love Quotes Part 1


Sadness flies on the wings
of the morning and
out of the heart of darkness
comes the light.

Love is not needing
a snooze button on your alarm clock,
because when it goes off
for the first time in the morning,
the thoughts of your loved one
makes it impossible to fall back asleep.

I want you around in the morning
and I want to know you're
legally required to be there.

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Being in love with you
makes every morning worth getting up for.

You are the first thing
to enter my mind in the morning
and the last thing
to leave my heart at night.

You have found true love the day
you realize that you want to wake up
beside your beloved, every morning,
even though you have your differences.

A morning greeting does not only mean 'Good Morning,'
it has a silent, loving message saying,
'I think of you when I wake up.'


You have no idea how good
it feels to wake up every morning
knowing you are mine and I am yours.

Like the sunshine in the morning,
may this brighten your day,
and remind you that you're thought of
in a very warm way.

When I wake up, turn over,
and see you lying next me,
I can't help but smile;
it will be a good day simply
because I started it with you.

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When I wake up in the morning,
I think of you.
When I go to sleep at night,
I think of you.
And for all those hours in-between,
I think of us.

Morning Love Quotes Part 1


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