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Though the last step may have
ended in disappointment,
the next step is always yours.
And the next step is what counts.

When You Say I Love You Mean It

Believe In Love At First Sight.

Don't make decisions
when you're angry
and don't make promises
when you're happy.

Be who you want to be,
not what others want to see.

To Fear Love Is To Fear Life

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Somewhere there's someone
Who dreams of your smile,
And finds in your presence
That life is worthwhile,
So when you are lonely
Remember it's true;
Somebody somewhere
Is thinking of you

Love Is Like Quicksand:
The Deeper You Fall In It The Harder It Is To Get Out

Love Is Running Into His Arms Colliding
With His Heart And Exploding Into His Soul

With persistence,
a small seed can grow
into a towering tree.
With persistence,
anyone can make a difference.

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If You Get A Chance To See Him,
Your Heart Begins To Dance.
Your Life Revolves Around Him,
There's Nothing Like Romance

A guy and a girl can be just friends
but at one point or another one of them will fall for the other,
maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time,
maybe too late or maybe, just maybe ...forever.

Life is only worth living once
you've found someone worth dying for.

If things around you don't change,
change the things around you!

I could never regret loving you
because even if you didn't love me anymore,
I know that you once did and
that is the most wonderful feeling
because I never thought that I deserved your love.

The way you treat people
is a direct reflection of
how you feel about yourself.

Love isn't all smiles and laughs
for the moment;but crying and fighting for
what you believe is right and will last forever

Loving unconditional means
forgiving and learning to live with his imperfections.
Because in the end you'll realize
that's what you love the most.

People who are too weak
to follow their own dreams
will always find a way to discourage yours.

Meaningful Quotes Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7


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