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Loving You Quotes

Loving You Quotes Part 1


I think of you more than you know about.
We say we love each other,
but I really mean it;
I hope you do too.

The pleasure of love is in loving.

Being deeply loved by someone
gives you strength;
loving someone deeply
gives you courage.

If it hurts to love you
then it’s not love.

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Don't brood.
Get on with living and loving.
You don't have forever.

Loving you
Is not a choice
And not much reason
To rejoice

Count by twos
when you get to five
that’s when I’ll stop loving you.

Loving you was my favorite mistake.

If I love you,
what business is it of yours?


You never just stop loving someone...
its either you always will,
or you never did in the first place.

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You never lose by loving.
You always lose by holding back.

You know you love someone
when you go on loving them
even if he or she doesn’t love you back.

Truly loving another
means letting go of all expectations.
It means full acceptance,
even celebration of another's personhood.

Until you figure out
the exact number of stars in the night sky,
that’s when I’ll stop love you.

There are times I want to get mad,
there are times I want to give you up,
there are times I want to cry
but no matter how many times I think of this,
I always end up saying “I love you!

You can never "just be friends"
with somebody you used to love...
simply because
a little part of you
will ALWAYS love them.

Loving You Quotes Part 1


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