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Love Story SMS

Love Story SMS 1



A boy never do his homework in class
He is punished by his teachers and made to kneel down...
In front of 'her' seat.
He did it just to see her for whole period...

He gets scolded by his parents everyday;
Coz he reaches home late everyday,
He did it just to ensure that she has reached home safely...

He skips his lunch & pretends to be studying...
He did it just to see her eating...

He walks home by foot instead of taking a bus;
He did it just to save money to buy chocolates for her..

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Girl: m i pretty?
Boy: no.
Girl: do u wanna live with me?
Boy: no.
Girl: if i leave u then will u cry?
Boy: no.
Girl got hurt n started 2 cry.
Boy hold her tight n said:
U r not pretty but beautiful.
I dint want 2 live without u but live 4 u.
When u leave me i will not cry but die.


Its Amazing How She Says
She Doesn't Love Him,
She's 0ver Him,
Practically Hates Him,
...The Look In Her Eyes
Tells A Completely Different


There was a little boy whose 1st love
was a young girl in a picture
which he found and picked from the street...
As time went by he got married,
But he still kept the picture.
One day, his wife found it and asked,
"Where did u get this?"
The man said,
"I kept that since I was a child,
But why r U asking?"
The girl replied,
"I lost this picture when I was 7..."

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Two teardrops were
floating down the river...

One teardrop asked other
”I’m the teardrop of a girl
who loved a man & lost him.
Who are you ?”
The other replied
“I’m the teardrop of the man
who regrets letting that girl go... ”


Boy: I Love u
Girl: I don’t Love u
Boy: Think again?
Girl: I told u. No no & no
Boy: Waiter, bring separate bills.
Girl: ok ok.... I Love u too...


Love Story SMS 1

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