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Love Quotes Sayings Part 1


Life is too short.
So... kiss slowly,
laugh insanely,
love truly,
and forgive quickly.

Love is harder to accept than to give.

Just because something good ends
doesn't mean something better won't begin.

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In this world,
only those men who
really feel happy
can give women happiness

All mankind love a lover.

In order to really love someone,
you must love him
as though he was going to die tomorrow.

Nothing is crueler than unrequited love

One can be unhappy by oneself,
but to be truly tormented,
one must love.

The pleasure of love
lasts only a moment.
The pain of love lasts a lifetime.

Love is not something we find,
love is something we DO.


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Love makes a man both blind and deaf.

Love that come easy, go easy

The one who loves you
will also make you weep.

Love is easy to spot,
when someone has found it!

The secret of happiness is simple:
be loving, giving, caring.
Why, then, are so many unhappy?
Because they are afraid.

Where there is love there is no darkness.

All men have three ears,
one on the left of his head,
one on the right and one in his heart.

Love Conquers All.

As love grows, words become useless.

Love Quotes Sayings Part 1


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