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Love Poems For Kids
Puppy Love

Love Poems For Kids Part 1


Why do they try so hard
To keep us apart?

Have they
No recollection
Of their own love
Coming to life
Those many years ago

The butterflies...
The gentleness...
Sharing ~ caring
Breathing one into other

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They know nothing
Of the shine
In your eyes
When they connect
With mine
Nor do they feel
The magic
Of our hearts beating
In perfect syncrony

Do they not understand
The look on my face
Your name comes up?

Can they not realize
The fact
That we are happy
One completing the other

How can they not see
This is real?
Not just fantasy
Or infatuation
We are in love
Of the deepest...


Do they not take notice
Of the new me
As morning
Invites a brand new day

Forgetting what used to be
That before you
I walked in darkness

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Why is it
They claim to know
Better than we?
Why must they
Continue to preach
What is best for us...
In their eyes

They seem to discard
Our feelings
As if we'll just
Stop feeling
What is
Now a part of us
A part of them
They too
Would believe in our love

My heart cries
Because all i ask
Is their blessings

They don't understand
Life would have
Little meaning
Should ever we part

I want to believe
This is
My love for you
Is ever deep
And evermore

You know...
I am your lady
Your lover
Your friend...
And i know
You are my
Each breath
I take...
Moonlit skies
And morning sun

They need to look back
And remember
Like us...
They felt on top
Of the world
Being together
Was all that mattered

We'll make it
You and i...
There's nothing
Can shatter
Our world...
Not today...

I'm sorry
They don't understand
One day
They will...

Rose Marie Streeter

Love Poems For Kids Part 1


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