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Love Poems For A Boy
Don't Give Up Hope

Love Poems For A Boy Part 1


We're the melody without the words,
Whatever we feel is left unheard,
We're trying so hard but we still can't hear the sound.

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All the songs i thought i knew,
Now mean nothing without you.
I'll never apologise for what i feel,
It's like saying sorry for being real.
You're my inspiration,
My missing jigsaw piece,
You made me feel amazing,
Love; my only belief.
Yet look at us now,
Broken-hearted and confused,
So much for being 'together forever',
Like brad and angelina? I wish that was the truth.
Next time i write your name,
It won't be in a heart,
But in a circle.
Because hearts get broken,
And crushed and bruised,
But circles are never ending,
Just like my love for you.
Being told we can't be together,
They can't keep us apart forever.
Trust me when i say this,
They can't effect the way we feel,
All we can hope on is time,
And in time, our dreams will become real.

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We'll get our happy ending,
I'll get you as my prince at last,
There's no need to worry,
Your role as my prince? You'll never be re-cast...
I know we're only 13,
And no-one understands,
But we're gonna be together,
And soon we'll be walking... Hand in hand.

Chloe Rebekah Gray

Love Poems For A Boy Part 1


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