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What's LOVE?
In math: A problem.
In history: A war.
In chemistry: A reaction.
In art: A heart.
...In me: You.

Love is when you
look into someones eyes,
And see everything you need.

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When you’re in love…
you fail to realize the difference
between good and bad..
between right and wrong;
you just go on with the feeling…
that everything is perfect!

Alas! The love of women!
it is known to be a lovely and fearful thing!

I don't get many things right the first time.
In fact, I am told that a lot.
Now I know all the wrong turns,
the stumbles, and falls brought me here.
And where was I before the day
I first saw your lovely face?
Now I see it every day
and I know that I am the luckiest....
I love you more than
I have ever found a way to say to you.

Love is when you accept
a person the way he or she is.

We can’t choose who we love,
our heart does it for us.

At this moment there are
6,470,818,671 people in the world
and I only want you.


Sometimes you make me so mad
that I want to throw you out in moving traffic,
But then I realize
I would kill myself trying to save you.

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Falling in love is like falling
in a deep hole and
its too hard to get out from…

Every single time I see him,
I just fall in love all over again!!

As you are woman, so be lovely:
As you are lovely, so be various,
Merciful as constant, constant as various,
So be mine, as I yours for ever.

I cheated on my fears,
broke up with my doubts,
got engaged to my faith and now
I'm marrying my dreams.

Lovely Quotes Part 1 | 2 | 3


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