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The Love I Hate

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I hate the way our friendship died

I hate the way we no longer talk

I hate the was jess took my place

I hate the way i'm no longer yours

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I used to love it when you made me laugh

I used to love it when we hang out together

I used to love it when we could talk for hours

I used to love it when you hated jess

I then liked the way you teased me

I liked the way you told me the truth

I liked the way you didn't give a rat's

And i liked the way you always caught my attention

I hated myself for letting you go

I hated myself for being a total cow

I hated myself for hanging off you

I hated myself for liking you

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I now hate it when i see you

I hate it when i talk to you

I hate it when u tease me

And i hate it when we flirt

But most of all i hate the way i will always love you


Angel Elizabeth McVeigh

Love Hate Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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