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Love Happens


Release Date: September 18, 2009

Runtime: 109 min

Language: English

Tagline: Sometimes when you least expect it...

Director: Brandon Camp

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Who's In It:

Aaron Eckhart as Burke
Jennifer Aniston as Eloise Chandler
Dan Fogler as Lane
Martin Sheen as Burke's Father-in-Law
Judy Greer as Marty
Frances Conroy as Eloise's Mom
Joe Anderson as Tyler

Soundtrack / Songs: Love Happens: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Various Artists - 2009

1. The Time Of Times - Badly Drawn Boy
2. Dream - Priscilla Ahn
3. Lake Michigan (Live) - Rogue Wave
4. Fresh Feeling - Eels
5. We Will Become Silhouettes (Album) - The Postal Service
6. Your Hand In Mine - Explosions In The Sky
7. Have A Little Faith In Me - John Hiatt
8. IO (This Time Around) - Helen Stellar
9. Everyday - Rogue Wave
10. Little Wing (Score) - Christopher Young
11. Love Happens (Score) - Christopher Young

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Quotes From Love Happens:

Burke: Funerals are important rituals. They're not only recognition that a person has died; they're recognition that a person has lived.

Eloise: If you had a brain in either head, you'd know that I'm doing what's best for both of us.

Burke: Chapter one. Sometimes, despite your best efforts otherwise, life will give you lemons. When that happens, you've got two choices, friend: you can wear a sour face or make lemonade.

Burke: I happen to know a thing or two about people. You get approached a lot. Probably have since the day you strapped on your first training bra. But you're smart, and you're creative, and you're caring and big... But, how come the guys only see the package it comes in, sure... you're flattered. But ultimately, ultimately it's tiresome because it has nothing to do with you. You were born that way, you can't take credit for it. Your insides though, that's yours. That's what you want someone to truly see. Even a stranger. Ergo... you fake a handicap. Rather than to have a conversation with a fellow human being. You prefer sign language? Fine. (shows middle finger)


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