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Lost Love Poems

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Now it's been about a year,
I never talked about you, because I fear...
Fear I might start thinking about how much I love you.
When I was with you for those 4 days,
I was in a fairytale in a thousand different ways.

Usually in the things I do,
it reminds me in some way of you.
Now that I think about it,
it seems you took me as a joke...
When I think about that, I choke.

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All those poems I wrote for you...
were all true.
And I wrote poems for other girls,
no need to lie.
But in a way they all revolved around you.

Seems I rehearse in my mind,
so many times...
how you and me,
could have turned out to be...
To eternity!

Listening to that one melody,
just about two weeks ago...
Someone asked if I still loved you,
and I couldn't let my feelings show.
And I don't know why... so I said no.

But I still do!
'cause when you love someone,
you never stop loving them.
And see, beauty and love, are in all my dreams,
which are you...


And see, it stay's forever like a stream.
And see, that doesn't change every day!
And since the feelings are for you, they could never flow away.
And when I was with you, I thanked God on my knees,
'cause it was like you were the other half of me.

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I dotted my I's
and crossed my T's;
made my life complete... perfectly!
You were, and always will be,
what I want my dream girl to be.

Zachary Fontaine Nelson

Lost Love Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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