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Long Love Quotes

Long Love Quotes Part 1


Love is the best thing in the world,
and the thing that lives the longest

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When you truly care for someone,
you don't look for faults.
You don't look for answers.
You don't look for mistakes.
Instead, you fight the mistakes.
You accept the faults and
you overlook excuses.
The measure of love is when you
love without measure.
There are rare chances that you'll
meet the person you love
and who loves you in return.
So once you have it, don't let it go.
The chance may never
come your way again.

When I first met you,
I never thought you'd be the one
who would give me the feeling
that everything is right when you are around,
or that feeling that makes me lose my words
everytime you smile at me.
I never expected you to be the one
who I'd be thinking about each day,
or the one who'd I always look forward
to seeing the next day.
I've tried my hardest to fight these feelings...
but I can't. I just can't.
Because what I've realized is that out of everyone
I've met in this world,
you are the only one who can
give me these feelings everyday.
And I'm hoping that some day
or even just for a second,
that I can give these exact same feelings to you,
so I could mean this much to you...
as you have meant to me each day.


It is not how long love is ..
But how long love last ..
As true Loves never looses
it's true space in one's heart.

Scientifically speaking,
To grow a bigger and stronger muscle,
you must first work it out.
Then the muscle tears,
and in place of it grows a new muscle
that is bigger and stronger.
Technically speaking,
the heart is a muscle.

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Nothing is more beautiful
than the love that
has weathered the storms of life.
The love of the young for the young,
that is the beginning of life.
But the love of the old for the old,
that is the beginning of things longer.

Long Love Quotes Part 1


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