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Kissing Quotes

Kissing Quotes Part 1


Kissing is a means
of getting two people
so close together that
they can't see anything wrong
with each other.

Life, the gift of nature,
Love, the gift of life,
a Kiss, the gift of Love

Kissing is like drinking tea
with a tea strainer,
you can never get enough

Kissing is like drinking salted water:
you drink and your thirst increases

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Kissing - and I mean like,
yummy, smacking kissing
- is the most delicious,
most beautiful and passionate thing
that two people can do, bar none.
Better than sex, hands down.

I can't read lips unless
they're touching mine.

At the first kiss I felt something
melt inside me that hurt in an exquisite way.
All my longings,
all my dreams and sweet anguish,
All the secrets that slept deep
within me came awake,
Everything was transformed and enchanted,
everything made sense.


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Hugging closes the door to hate.
Kissing opens the door to love.

Kiss and make up
- but too much makeup
has ruined many a kiss.

When he kisses you
he isn't doing anything else.
You're his whole universe..
and the moment is eternal
because he doesn't have any plans
and isn't going anywhere.
Just kissing you... it's overwhelming.

Stolen kisses are always sweetest

Kissing Quotes Part 1


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