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How To Be Romantic


Men tend to overlook the need for romance in their lives. Sometimes, they overlook it so much it becomes a habit and romance becomes lost in the relationship. However, it is important to note that even the most romantic guys need to take out the intial first step through careful planning and devising methods to touch a woman's heart to be decclare as a romantic. These simple steps and advice will help you in your quest in being more romantic.

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Take note of little details

Try to take note of all the dates and times of alll important events. The more significant timings can be birthdays, anniversarys valentine's day etc. For a more advanced step, take note of day you all met, day you shared your first kiss, your 100th day together and little fine details that she herself cannot remember. When you do something different on these days, it truly marks you as different. Write hem down somewhere if you are one that cannot remember little stuff like that. In addition, take note of all her behavior and likes and dislikes. It can help you greatly when deciding on what to do and buy for her.


Women adore surprises. They might think surprises are a waste of money but they like the feeling of being delighted by someone who makes the extra effort. With the above dates and little details in mind, go for the special surprise when she least expects it. Telling a couple of white lies to make her unprepared for the surprise doesn't harm. When you run out of reasons to give surprise, the reasaon that you simply feel like doing so is also the perfect romantic reason.

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Care and concern

It might seen as the leaset significant but is actually the most important component in romance between a couple. Care and concern for your other half when there are no special occasions is as important as doing special things on special days. It might not add much to your doing something out of nothing romance factor but it will definitely make her appreciate you normally. Be careful not to be doting that your other half takes you for granted though. It is important to note that surprises and special occassions are not a redemption act for something wrong that you've done. Although it may help, it doesn't help in you being romantic at all.

For specific acts of romantic ideas to do, please refer to romantic ideas or romantic things to do.


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