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Great Love Quotes

Great Love Quotes Part 1


Where there is great love
there are always miracles.

I might not have the pretty face
for you to look at or
the smallest waist for you to hold
but i do have the biggest heart
to love you with…

Because of a great love,
one is courageous.

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True love is that feeling
you get when your with
that certain someone.
That special feeling that nothing
can hurt you as long as
you are in their arms.
That nobody can separate you two
from being together
because your love will last forever
and that feeling that there is nobody else
in the world besides you and me
when I look into your eyes.

Being In Your Arms Is All I Want…
Feeling Your Touch Is What I Need…
Feeling Your Lips Is What Keeps Me Going On…
Knowing That You Love Me
Is What Keeps A Smile In My Face And My Heart Full…


What I do you cannot do;
but what you do,
I cannot do.
The needs are great,
and none of us,
including me,
ever do great things.
But we can all do small things,
with great love,
and together we can do
something wonderful.

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Sometimes when you love someone..
you have to think of them before yourself.
No matter how much it hurts you.

Perhaps a great love is never returned.

Love is when you see an imperfect person,
perfectly, when you live in a difficult world,
beautifully, when your life is wonderful, effortlessly.

Great Love Quotes Part 1


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