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The Little Red Boots Part 1

The Little Red Boots Part 1 | 2


When my granddaughter, Tate, celebrated her fifth birthday recently, her mother gave her a very special present, a pair of red cowgirl boots that had belonged to her when she was a little girl. As Tate slipped on the little red boots, she began to dance across the room in excitement. My mind flashed back to the afternoon my daughter-in-law, Kelly, showed me the little red boots and told me about the first day she had worn them. You see, not only did Kelly experience the thrill of wearing her first pair of real cowgirl boots back then, but she also experienced the thrill of meeting her first love.

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He was her first "older man" she was five and he was seven! He lived in the city, and his father had brought him to Kelly's grandfather's farm one Saturday afternoon to ride the horses. Kelly sat on the top fence rail, watching her grandfather saddle her pony. She was proud of her shiny new red boots and was trying really hard not to get them dirty.

Just then, the city boy came over to say hello. He smiled at Kelly and admired her red cowgirl boots. It must have been love at first sight, because Kelly found herself offering to let him ride her pony. She had never let anyone ride her pony before.

Kelly's grandfather sold the horse farm later that year, and she never saw the little boy again. But for some reason, she never forgot that magical moment when she was five and she thought of the cute city boy every time she put on her red cowgirl boots. When Kelly outgrew the boots her mother decided to pack them away instead of throwing them out. After all, Kelly had loved the little red boots so much.

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Many years passed. Kelly grew up into a beautiful young woman, and met my son, Marty. They married and had their daughter, Tate. One day, while Kelly was rummaging through some old boxes in preparation for a garage sale, she found the little red boots. Fond memories flooded into her heart. "I used to love these boots," she recalled with a smile. "I think I'll give them to Tate for her birthday."

Tate's laughter brought me back to the present, and I watched as my son scooped his giggling daughter up in his arms and danced around the room, with her red birthday boots on her feet.

The Little Red Boots Part 1 | 2


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