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Greatest Love Quotes

Greatest Love Quotes Part 1


Don't let something
that doesn't matter cause you
to lose something that does.

The greatest beauty on earth
is found in the hearts of those who love.

True love is the greatest thing
that you can experience;
it can weather any storm.
Loving, trusting and respecting
each other totally
can bring you to true love and happiness.

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Self sacrifice is
the greatest expression of love

The greatest love story that was ever told,
could be me and you,
you just never know.

Love is when your greatest fear
is life without your partner.

Love is the only goddess
with the greatest number of worshipers.

Life is to be fortified by many friendships.
To love and be loved
is the greatest happiness of existence.

How much you can love
is the greatest discovery of yourself.

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Love is the greatest feeling
you will ever have,
yet it is also one of the greatest sorrows.
There is so much suffering,
but then there are times
when the crying, pain,
and heartache is worth it.
Those moments are perfect,
they are right. Those moments
make all the suffering worth while.
It's those moments we should live for.

It isn't money, fame,
or power, no, the
greatest adventure in life is love.

Love is the greatest gift from God,
but sometimes you make sacrifices
to the one you really love,
no matter how hard it is.
Just don't give up because happiness will come.

And the greatest miracle of all
is how I need you and
how you needed me too.

Greatest Love Quotes Part 1


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