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Good Luck Chuck


Release Date: September 21, 2007

Runtime: 96 min

Language: English

Tagline: True love is a blessing and a curse. She's the blessing. He's cursed.

Director: Mark Helfrich

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Who's In It:

Dane Cook as Charlie
Jessica Alba as Cam
Chelan Simmons as Carol
Dan Fogler as Stu
Ellia English as Reba

Soundtrack / Songs: Good Luck Chuck - Soundtrack - Various Artists - 2007

1. I Was Zapped By The Lucky Super Rainbow - The Flaming Lips
2. Accident Prone - The Honorary Title
3. Good Luck Chuck - The Dandy Warhols
4. Love It When You Call - Cherrytree House Version - The Feeling
5. Good Weekend - Art Brut
6. Hurry Up Let's Go - Shout Out Louds
7. Shut Me Out - Aidan Hawken
8. You're Gonna Get It - Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
9. The Whistle Song - Pepper
10. You Might Think - The Cars
11. Physical - Olivia Newton-John
12. Bela Lugosi's Dead - Bauhaus
13. Crazy In Love - Antique Gold

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Quotes From Good Luck Chuck:

Charlie: I don't want to take advantage of you.
Woman in Car: Aww. Look, don't take this so seriously. I'm not. I'm doing this on a lark. And you won't be taking advantage of me. Do you know how many loser boyfriends I have had? Do you know how many times I have given myself, body, mind, soul, hoping this was it, this was the one, only to find out he was just another asshole? Look, if there is even a chance, and I mean a .0001% chance that you're the key, that being with you could open the door to something better, well, I think I'd be taking advantage of you.
Charlie after a pause: Do you want to have sex before or after dinner?
Woman in Car: Actually I have dinner plans.

Cam Wexler: Why do you want to take me out to dinner?
Charlie: You look hungry.

Young Charlie: What's a blowjob?
Young Stu: I have no idea. But I overheard my dad saying that he gets one once a year on his birthday, so it must be good.

Young Charlie: Stu, run it by me again? Kissing is first base. Second base is boob. Third base is...
Young Stu: Finger.
Young Charlie: Finger?
Young Stu: Or thumb.

Charlie: What's sex without love?
Stu: SEX!

Cam Wexler: Why teeth?
Charlie: Same reason as every other dentist. Couldn't get into med school.
Cam Wexler: That's funny!
Charlie: My parents didn't think so.

Stu: If you were a hamburger at McDonald's, I'd name you my McBeautiful Titty Sandwich with titties on top.


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