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Hanging onto resentment
is letting someone you despise
live rent-free in your head.

Well, a girlfriend once
told me never to fight
with anybody you don't love.

We can never turn back the pages of time,
though we may wish
to relive a happy moment,
or say goodbye just one last time,
we never can,
because the sands of time continue to fall,
and we can’t turn the hourglass over.

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I hope you are happy with your life.
I moved on and so did you.
Good luck and God Bless!

I've found my place,
and this place is far away from you.

Every breath is an
opportunity to receive and let go.
I receive love and I let go of pain.

Thank god she is somebody else’s problem now!

Shot through the heart, And you’re to blame, Darlin’, You give love a bad name.

There's only two people
in your life you should lie to...
the police and
your girlfriend.


Sorry, i'm not into farm animals

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Somewhere in between all the
mind games, lies, and seduction,
I fell for you.
Somewhere in between all the broken promises,
manipulation, and heartaches,
I got over you.
But I guess I fibbed a few times, too.
Remember all those times I swore I needed you?
Well consider them lies because,
baby, here I am without you and I survived.

One problem with gazing
too frequently into the past
is that we may turn around to
find the future has run out on us.

Every happy couple has
at least one breakup behind them.

Girlfriend Quotes Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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