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Funny Love Quotes


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Falling in love is like
being struck by lightning.
You can no more make it strike you
than you can avoid it.

I Love You is an 8 letter phrase
But then again so is Bull Shit...

Women are like telephones;
They like to be held and talked to,
but if you push the wrong buttons you might get disconnected!

Love is a misunderstanding between two fools.

Dating is like a test drive,
you keep trying until you find the right one.

No one will ever win the battle of the sexes.
There's too much fraternizing with the enemy.

I know the door to your heart belongs to another,
but I think I can slip in through the window.

Women worry about
men forgetting things,
Men worry about
women remembering things.

Behind every good man stands a suprised mother-in-law.

Love is as simple as a mouse trap,
easy to fall into,
hard to get out of,
and could be deadly

When you look into their eyes and you see the sun,
then you know it's the ONE.


Love is like a four leaf clover hard to find lucky to have.

Your heart is one of your most prized possessions,
be careful who you give it to.

Guys are like stars, there are millions out there,
but only one can make your dreams come true.

No man is truly married until he
understands every word his wife is NOT saying.

I was married by a judge.
I should have asked for a jury.

Love is the answer,
but while you're waiting for the answer,
sex raises some pretty good questions.

Sex without love is an empty experience,
but as empty experiences go, it's one of the best.


Funny Love Quotes Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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