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Magic Moments Part 2

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She hands me a note and it reads, “Can you help me get onto the bus and tell me which stop is Union Square?”
“Yes” I mumbled in a barely audible voice and nodded my head.
Then she hands me another note that says, “Sorry but I am going blind and I can’t speak so I really appreciate this kindness.”

I think she must have written these notes before she came to the bus stop. I felt so sorry for her and it wasn’t because she’s blind but because of what she is going to miss out on. She will definitely miss out on seeing her own appearance in the mirror. These include her hair which is the very essence of her beauty which ran down from the left and right of her cheeks down to her chin in layers, her ruby red lips, her flawless nose and her beautiful eyes. Her eyes are the most beautiful part of her face as they glimmer with pure innocence.

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She held a notepad and started writing. I was hoping she will write a note telling me she is attracted to me. She ripped the freshly written note and handed it over to me.
It reads, “What time is it?”
What was I thinking? She probably can’t see clearly and I am hoping to attract her with my looks. I looked at my watch and just as I was about tell her the time, the bus finally came.

The driver opened his doors and as I stepped into the bus, I noticed it was a high step from the sidewalk to the bus. I also noticed that the sidewalk has a two feet ditch where the bus stopped. Hence, I hopped back off the bus, grabbed her hands and helped her into the bus. I let go of her hands to pay the driver my fee and I noticed there wasn’t a free seat in sight. I turned around to see her trying to pop her fee into the deposit box. She looked helpless but she was determined. I ran back to her so fast that I almost fell. I helped her pay her fee, held her hands and whispered into her ears.
“There are no available seats and it is 10.30 a.m. I’ll accompany you during this ride.”
She nodded her head and smiled.


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There was an empty handrail about four steps away. I guided her towards the empty handrail. We ended up in a position where her back was against my chest and her hands were on the same handrail as mine. I moved my hands closer to hers on the handrail and I could smell the sweet and creamy scent of pure fresh flowers as her head was directly beneath my nose. At that moment, I hoped that the twenty minutes of bus ride could last longer.

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