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Love Quotes For Facebook Status

Facebook Love Quotes Part 1


Love is what keeps you
moving at times you feel like giving up.

Whenever I see a couple
kissing or people holding hands,
my heart whispers your name.

I love you:
Three words that should NEVER
be mentioned unless
they are spoken TRUTHFULLY.

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Out of all of his lies,
“I love you” was my favorite.

There’s always that one
special person that no matter
what they do to you,
you just cant let them go.

It's called Facebook
because nobody shows their fat bodies,
just their ugly faces.

Woman reaches love through friendship;
man reaches friendship through love

You never know true pain
until you look in the eyes
of someone you love
and they look away.

I want to
refresh my mind.
delete all my problems,
undo all my mistakes and
save all the happy moments.

You saw the mess i was in
and yet you still choose to love me!

A drop of love is worth
more than a whole bag full of gold.

In my wildest dreams,
you always play the hero.
In my darkest hour of night,
you rescue me, you save my life.


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Love is not about what you want,
it’s about wanting happiness for the one you love.

Love is not an emotion, It’s devotion.

Love is the only curse
in which the only remedy is itself.

Love is a serious mental disease.

I smile when my phone
buzzes because I know it’s you.

Facebook Love Quotes Part 1


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