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Everyone Says I Love You


Release Date: December 6, 1996

Runtime: 101 min

Language: English

Director: Woody Allen

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Who's In It:

Edward Norton as Holden Spence
Drew Barrymore as Skylar Dandridge
Diva Gray as Nanny
Ami Almendral as Nanny
Natasha Lyonne as Djuna 'D.J.' Berlin
Alan Alda as Bob Dandridge
Gaby Hoffmann as Lane Dandridge

Soundtrack / Songs: Everyone Says I Love You: Original Soundtrack - Dick Hyman, Various Artists

1. Just You, Just Me - Ed Norton
2. My Baby Just Cares For Me - Ed Norton/ Latasha Lyonne
3. Recurrence/ I'm A Dreamer - Dick Hyman/ Olivia Hayman
4. Makin' Whoopee - Tirome Jerome
5. Venetian Scenes/ I'm Thru With Love - Dick Hyman/ Woody Allen
6. All My Life - Julia Roberts
7. Just You, Just Me (Salsa Version) - Dick Hyman And The New York Studio Players
8. Cuddle Up A Little Closer - Billy Crudup/Sanjeev Ramabhadran
9. Looking At You - Alan Alda
10. Recurrence/ If I Had You - Dick Hyman/Tim Roth
11. Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think) - Patrick Crenshaw
12. Chiquita Banana - Christy Romano
13. Hooray For Captain Spaulding/ Vive Le Capitaine Spaulding - The Helen Miles Singers
14. I'm Thru With Love - Goldie Hawn
15. Everyone Says I Love You - The Helen Miles Singers

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Quotes From Everyone Says I Love Yous:

Steffi: You always pick the wrong women.
Joe: Hey, I picked you.
Steffi: Yeah, I know, we got divorced.
Joe: 'Cause you were impossible to live with.
Steffi: "I was impossible to live with," I love this. You couldn't figure out whether you wanted to be a psychoanalyst or a writer!
Joe: So I compromised, I became a writer and a patient.

Steffi: I've been trying since we got divorced to find the right woman for him, somebody to match up with his personality. I'm beginning to wonder if the world population isn't too limited.

Bob: I never believed in God. No, I didn't even as a little kid. I remember this. I used to think even if he exists, he's done such a terrible job, it's a wonder people don't get together and file a class action suit against him.

Joe: In a relationship, it is better to be the leaver than the leavee.


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