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Erotic Poems
It Started with a Kiss

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It started with a kiss...
As you...

Lie in the very white of satin sheets
That my fingers chart your naked course
To map the contours, the secret islands
To touch where lies the sensual force

My hands are warmed in fantasy oils
Dear jasmine, in harmony with wild roses
So you lay face down in glorious nature
That my hands to your soft back imposes

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Soft do you sigh as oils slide in comfort
Hands in sculpt to your tender mould
And fingertips run a channelled thrill
From shoulders to where dreams enfold

The move from top’s sensuous reach
Now down to pleasure the twin rump-peaks
Soft, between thighs, go the tingling fingers
To stroke, just lightly, where nectar leaks

Now is the roll in over-turning your form
To see your sweet look, eyes half-close
In sultry expectation is your lingered smile
The scent of perspiration, the body glows

And I bend in abeyance, to kiss your lips
Feel the skin’s reluctance as I draw away
Red cherries, dripping a sweetened juice
So you lie in wait, my roving hand’s display

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No round of shoulders have such shape
I sweep them, my hands a pleasured broom
Then feel you move as I soft venture, in take
The jewels of your form, the Sun and Moon

I cup them, kiss each taut hill’s peak
Tongue the damp of emotion’s mouthing
While the scented draw of a sweetest oils


My fingers down to an enchanting valley
To the precious cave which hides the spoils
In wonder’s search are my hands involved

Soft now, in a most adventurous chase
Lips kiss the navel on a following down
I part the thighs for my tongues embrace


You move to a dance of fierce wanton lust
Clasping hard nipples in a swell sensitivity
My lips close down to placate your demands
To kiss and draw from you love’s chemistry
No more can you lie in soft sweet surrender
But pull me down to explode your fire
Volcanic bursts, as I penetrate love’s comfort
And you scream as fluid’s lava flows in desire

Now is this friction at full fastening pace
Holding me tight as I pummel the ride
We are joined in sweat and wanton love’s juice
And you spasm a move as I love you inside

We, who are lovers in passion’s silent dream
Will spent such happy hours within this bliss
To massage more memories, in jasmine oils
We begin, once more…

With the KISS.

Ron S King

Erotic Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3


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