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Cupid and Psyche Part 1

Cupid and Psyche Part 1 | 2


I am Psyche, aged 30. I am now married (Happily, I guess), though this story is not about my hubby. It is a wonderful tale that happened once upon a time.

Many people would wonder about why the hell am I writing about a past love. I often have dreams about a man - I call him Cupid. I just dreamt about him several times recently and it really bothered me. In my dreams, he would always be almost within my reach but he’ll be gone the moment I realized he’s there. I will always wake up feeling miserable and heartbroken. I will then be unable to forget the dream for several days and when I finally got over it, I would dream about him again. I had tried to bury him in the innermost part of my superego; however, he still emerges from time to time. I guess I just cannot suppress a very beautiful yet painful romance that took place a long time ago. Hence, I decided to let it out by weaving a tale about it.

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It should have been true love. It was platonic and pure; it was deep and intense; it was gentle and honest. Something took place between us that we did not have to talk about, that we did not have to put into words. It just blossomed, and we just felt and savour it. We never kissed, nor held hands, nor embraced but it was like kissing him everyday whenever I smell his perfume; it was as if we were holding hands whenever I hear his voice; it was like embracing him whenever I look into his eyes. It’s as if our hearts could talk and understand each other.

It was almost perfect. Almost. But he was 17 years old and I was 21 years old. And he was my student.

It was my first year of teaching. Our beginning was quite hazy to me. I think it all started through a childish and corny chain letter. Anyone who received the letter had to recopy and send it to seven ‘special’ people and also give each an angel figurine, and the cycle goes on. Cupid was a quiet and respectful student who seldom speaks. I was surprised to receive a chain letter from him. Being a teacher, I do not want my students to spend time on unnecessary things so I ignored it and discouraged them from spreading the letter.


One day, Cupid’s friends teased me about the fact that he was so eager to find the perfect angel figurine for me. I simply smiled when he blushed and since that time, I noticed him from a different view. A few days later, he gave me a Cupid figurine and everything changed, especially when the rest of his classmates started teasing him. Instead of being embarrassed, he became different. He turned into an active and funny student full of life. I felt happy for him and flattered that I was part of his great change.

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He and his friends started accompanying me on my way home. It was then that I realized that the kids I scowled and scorned at in the morning during classes were young adults who had different visions and dreams in life. I learned a lot from them and in the process got closer to Cupid, whom I considered the most mature among them.

One day, his friends had other activities so he was the only one who accompanied me home. He had many stories to tell and he made me laugh my heart out along the way. These interactions were repeated and he became the only one who accompanies me home every afternoon, except weekends. We became friends. I broke up with my boyfriend when he started getting jealous and mad at my students. I didn’t care if he was devastated. I didn’t care if we had been together for three years. I didn’t care about anything at all because for the first time, I am really, truly happy.

Cupid and I took part in several school activities together. As I watched his every move, my admiration for him grew. His ways made me dream of finding a man that would be as respectful and gentle as he was (and is). He is a gentleman in its true sense. He pulled chairs and opened doors for women; he knew when to speak and when to listen; he respected everyone and didn’t argue with anyone.

Cupid and Psyche Part 1 | 2


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