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Desperately Seeking Susan


Release Date: March 29, 1985

Runtime: 104 min

Language: English

Tagline: Roberta is desperate to be Susan. Susan is wanted by the mob. The mob finds Roberta instead...

Director: Susan Seidelman

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Who's In It:

Rosanna Arquette as Roberta Glass
Madonna as Susan
Aidan Quinn as Dez
Mark Blum as Gary Glass
Laurie Metcalf as Leslie Glass
Robert Joy as Jim
John Turturro as Ray

Soundtrack / Songs: Desperately Seeking Susan: Original Soundtracks From The Films Of Susan Seidelman - Thomas Newman

1. Leave Atlantic City!
2. Port Authority by Night
3. New York City by Day
4. Through the Viewscope
5. St. Mark's Place
6. A Key and a Picture
7. Battery Park / Amnesia
8. Jail/Port Authority by Day
9. Rain
10. Running with Birds in Cages
11. Trouble Almost
12. Chemtech Promo Video
13. Ulysses' Escape
14. Night Visit
15. Frankie's Drive
16. Ulysses
17. In The Lab
18. Sondra and Jeff
19. Mr. Right
20. Wedding Reception

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Quotes From Desperately Seeking Susan:

Gary: Roberta can't be a prostitute she doesn't even like sex that much. It's impossible.

Gary: Are you a lesbian? Leslie says that nine out of ten prostitutes are lesbians.
Roberta: Gary, you're not listening to me. I'm not a prostitute or a lesbian!

Leslie: I can't believe Roberta's a prostitute.
Gary: Roberta's not a prostitute.
Leslie: I saw this thing on television about this woman who turned tricks in the city from nine until noon, then went shopping all afternoon. It was years before her husband found out about it. Oh, my God, I've heard that four out of five prostitutes are lesbians.
Gary: Don't you think I would know if my wife was a lesbian?
Leslie: Why? You didn't know she was a prostitute!


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