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Depressing Poems
I Wish

Depressing Poems Part 1


Walking alone in the middle of the woods
At the end of summer
No one else in sight
Not a sound to be heard
Except the crackling of leaves beneath my feet
And the occasional flap of a birds wing
Telling me of its presence
As if i did not know it was there

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Deep in thought
Taking everything in
My humming turns into singing
What i am singing, i do not know
It is something of my own
A song that will forever be unwritten
A song that will forever be engraved in my soul

Even deeper in thought
I sit down on a log
Thinking about what i have lost
Wasting no time with what i have won
For it takes many losses to gain a win
And normally with a dash of luck
Your win contributes only to one loss
All the while
Losing more trust in a game
Never meant to be played

But trust is an ironic and funny thing
You may never know what twisted its path
What had come to break it completely
Or you may know all to well
Whichever the case
I am quite sure you know
It is harder to trust
After your trust has been broken
Time after time after time
Will you trust again?
Only time will tell

Everyone has a choice on how to live their lives
Normally striving to fit in
Or striving not to fit in
And then there are the minority
Of those of us who don't care
Would rather waste time thinking
Then waste time gossiping,
We understand what the world
Is really like

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Those of us have an advantage
We know what in the long run
Will be important
And what wont be
We know that lives could end any second
Every second gone by
Is every second closer to death
And there is no such thing
As an accomplished life

The majority of the world has a secular view
It is fairly easy to think like them
When it is all about here and now
Not thinking about where your actions lead
Not thinking about your near or even far future
Well karma my dear
Is a pain to deal with
As i am sure
You will soon find out


Depressing Poems Part 1


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