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Decent SMS

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Are The Treasures
We Keep Locked Deep
Within The 'Storehouse'
Of Our 'Souls"
To Keep
0ur Hearts Warm
We Are Lonely... :)


If Time
doesn't Wait for You,

Don't Worry...

Just Remove
the Battery from
the Clock 'n' Enjoy Life

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If someone comes
Into your life 'n becomes a part of you,
But for some reason he couldn't stay,

Don't cry too much...

Just be glad that your
paths crossed
n some how he made you happy
even for a while..!!


Rain Is Irritating If You Are Getting Wet Alone...
Pizza Is Just Some Junk Food
If Their Are No More Than A Pair Of Hands Picking It Up...
Beach Is The Dirtiest Place
When Their Is No one To Hold Your Hand 'n Walk By The Side...
Songs Are Just A Time Pass If
They Doesn't Remind You Of Someone...
No Matter How Short Life Is..
Live It With Your Be Loved Ones...
Share Every Second..
Love 'n Be Loved.. !


Most Of Us Miss Out
Life's Big Prizes :
Nobel, Oscar, Grammys
We r All Eligible For...
Life's Small Prizes:

- A Hug From Best Friend
- A Short Sleep On Frend's Shoulder
- A Glorious Sunset
- A Chat With One We Feel Most Comfortable
- An Ice-Cream When It's Deadly Cold
-A Silent Night On The Terrace
- A Slow Walk On An Empty Road,
With d Person You Love
On A Full Moon Night

So Don't Worry Abt
Missing Life's Big Prizes
But Take Care Of d Small Ones ! :)

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How Can You "SMI-LE" Without "I"?
How Can You be "F-NE" without "I"?
How can you "W-SH" without "I"?
How can you be "FR-END" without "I"?

"I" am very important!

But "I" can never achieve S-CCESS without "U"...
and that makes "U" more important than "I"...


7 Facts :)
1. Your eye is the only part you can not wash with soap.
2. You cannot count your hair.
3. Your tongue can not reach all your Teeth.
4. The stupid ones will try the 3rd part.
5. You will smile because your tongue can indeed reach all your Teeth.
6. You will laugh because you feel like a Fool :p
7. You will forward this because you had fun 'n you want Revenge!


Decent SMS 1

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