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Crazy Love Quotes

Crazy Love Quotes Part 1


What is love?
No one knows what or why it is,
but it is a beautiful thing.
One does not need to know
what love is to know it's there.
Love is a feeling that you get inside
about someone that you can't explain.
It makes you do crazy things,
but yet it feels so good to know you have it.

Love is a crazy thing.
It sucks and is totally overrated.

Love is an excuse
to lose ourselves in someone...
to go crazy, but love
is also blamed
when one is in deep sorrow and pain.
What is love's true meaning?
No one really knows.

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Love isn't just about feelings,
but those feelings sure drive you crazy!

My perfect girl would be pretty mad,
but one you can have a conversation with.
No one can be too mad for me,
the madder the better.
I love crazy chicks.

You can say I'm crazy
but I'm only crazy about one thing…
and that's you!

When you love someone,
you'll do anything,
you'll do all the crazy things
that you can't explain;
you'll shoot the moon,
put out the sun...
when you love someone.


One is very crazy when in love.

It's crazy. It's like finding something
that you haven't been looking for
and have always wanted.
There might be fireworks or harmony,
but you just feel it without words or sparks.
It can be a bumpy road and not always perfect.
But in the end, love is worth the wait.

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I love him like crazy!
When I think of him,
I fall into this deep place away
from what is real, and surrender.
Love is a crazy feeling,
but being in love with someone is uncontrollable.

Insanity and love are very much alike;
you're crazy in both states.

Guys always seem to wonder
what it takes to get a girl.
Like, what do they have to do
to make a girl notice them?
Guys have to realize that
they have to be sweet,
caring, gentle, honest and
still have that sweet little thing
about them that drives any girl crazy:
and that's reaching her heart.
No matter how much you try,
if you don't reach her heart,
it won't ever be worth-while.

Crazy Love Quotes Part 1


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