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A Love They Will Never Know Part 2

A Love They Will Never Know Part 1 | 2 | 3


Another week went by and they didn’t see each other until fate stepped in again. She came over to his place. He was happy that she did because he was not having a good day and he knew if he saw her his day would become so much better. She went right into his room again. They talked and watched television and he felt very close to her.
However in his mind, he was telling himself, "This isn’t real. It will be a repeat of what happened the last time."

They started to kiss after lying in bed together. He floated in the wind like a feather when his lips met hers. All his sadness and anger went away in an instant. They made love that afternoon. That would be the last time they see each other in a friendly manner. After that time, they started to fight. They fought a lot and their fights were filled with pure hatred with one another. It was not good and it didn’t look like it will get better any time soon.

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He thought to himself, "Why be here if she hates me so much?"
He made plans to go away. He thought he could go anywhere as it did not matter. He got all his stuff ready for his trip when she started talking properly to him again. He was still furious but they talked in a civil manner. He thought it was finally getting better. And it was. Despite that, he wasn’t going to tell her about his plans to leave as he wanted the relationship to end on a high note.
He simply said to her, "Goodbye, I will be seeing you".

The next day, he left for his trip. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Then on one sunny afternoon, she got a call to her house.
"Hi, is she there?"
"Yes, this is her."
"Hello Miss, this is the police. We regret to inform you that an accident has happened."
"What kind of accident?"
"Your friend died. He was hit by a truck head on... He died instantly."
She dropped the phone. She was in total hysteria. She couldn’t control her emotions but she had to calm herself down to find out more details about the accident.

"What? Where? How?"
"He was travelling down the highway when he was hit head on by a sleeping driver from the opposite lane. He never saw it coming. I'm so sorry."
"Do his parents know?"
"No, you were the first person on his list of people to call in case of an emergency."
"Oh I see."
She couldn’t believe it. She could not believe he is gone forever. She never got to say a real goodbye. She never got to tell him how she felt. At the same time, she felt anger.


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Hence, she asked, "Well why didn’t you do anything for him?"
"Ma'am, there was nothing we could do. We tried our best we could but there was nothing we could do. We are sorry."
Tears streamed down her face like a waterfall. Everything the policeman said on the phone became a blur.
Then he yells, "Ma'am, are you still there?"
"Yes I am, sorry. What is it?"
"Well we found something on him. It’s a letter. It’s written to you."
"Oh. What does it say?"
"Ma'am, are you sure you want to hear it? We understand that you are in a delicate state right now. Maybe it would be in your best interests to read it at another time?"
"Please just read it to me."
"Ok Ma'am, this is what it says."
She can tell that he is a little upset himself as he gets his voice together. She puts the phone tighter to her ear.

A Love They Will Never Know Part 1 | 2 | 3


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