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Couples Retreat


Release Date: October 9, 2009

Runtime: 107 mins

Language: English

Tagline: It may be paradise... but it's no vacation.

Director: Peter Billingsley

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Who's In It:

Vince Vaughn as Dave
Jason Bateman as Jason
Jon Favreau as Joey
Kristen Bell as Cynthia
Malin Akerman as Ronnie
Kristin Davis as Lucy
Jean Reno as Marcel
John Michael Higgins as Therapist #1
Ken Jeong as Therapist #2
Faizon Love as Shane
Tasha Smith as Jennifer

Soundtrack / Songs: Couples Retreat: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - A.R. Rahman - 2009

1. Sajna
2. NaNa
3. Kurukuru Kan
4. Animal Spirits
5. Luau By John O'Brien
6. Jason & Cynthia Suite
7. Jason & Cynthia Piano Theme
8. Salvadore
9. The Waterfall
10. Tour Of The Villas
11. Intervention
12. Undress
13. Meeting Marcel
14. Sharks
15. Itinerary

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Quotes From Couples Retreat:

Dave: The Code?Asstastic... Yes, Asstastic. A-S-S-TASTIC did you get that? Are we good? Good.

Joey: What are... What are you wearing?
Lacey: Shorts.
Joey: Shorts? That's... That's a Maxi Pad.
Lacey: Dad, they're designer shorts. They're French. Goodbye.

Dave: You own a zebra, I own a goat, what the hell does that have to do with cheating on your wife?

Therapist #2: It's like a little kid gets a puppy for the first time, just hugs it so much, snaps it's neck. It's puppy cradle death syndrome. All that love is gonna snap that puppy.

Jason: What if someone put a gun to your head right now and said, "You have to answer this second or I'II shoot. "Are they going to make it?" What do you say? What would you say?
Therapist #2: Whoa! Okay, no one has a gun to my head, Mr. Smith.
Jason: It's hypothetical.
Therapist #2: It's not a place for inappropriate behavior. And you definitely don't pull a hypothetical gun on your therapist!

Dave: You got a pose called yoga guy gets his ass kicked? Cause that's my favorite one.


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