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Corny Love Quotes

Corny Love Quotes Part 1


I love you like a fat kid loves cake

Lets flip a coin.
Heads I'm yours.
Tails you're mine.

You're like a keyboard
because you're my type.

Rose are red;
violets are blue;
when I think of you,
my writing comes out corny.

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When life gives you lemons,
make grape juice and
let them wonder how you did it

If you have a big heart,
does that make you an easy target?

You're like a typhoon.
Because when you left the vicinity.
You left my heart in calamity.

You're like a false teeth
I can't smile without you.

My heart is connected with yours
so when you need me
just press the emergency buzzer on your heart
and ill be running over for you


You're like a terrorist
because you captured my heart.

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A boy was about to leave,
but before he did, he gave his girl
a dozen of roses.
11 were real + 1 was artificial
he told the girl, don't cry
i will love you until the last 1 dies

True love equals corniness.
If you aint cheesy,
you aint really in love.

If you should die before me
ask God if you can bring a friend

Corny Love Quotes Part 1


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