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On Christmas Eve,
I was with you,
eager to wake in bliss,
to dream of memories,
wakeful lingerings of joy,
unspoiled by fears,
thankful of each moment shared amid our cold December.

On Christmas morning,
I will wake with you,
set to breathe you in,
as I kiss you awake,
and from that union,
a melding of lips,
where emotions exhale the scent of our first Christmas,
a memory born.

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On Christmas day,
I will wait with you,
for the passion to return
from the unwilling absence
of a sorrowed longing,
a desire for the intangible,
attempts failed,
and another year passing,
in hopes to spy,
the glimmer of belief in the innocence of a child.

On Christmas night,
I will find you,
unburdened by that which was,
heavy laden with tears,
for another loss,
uncontrollably foregone,
now in the hands of memories,
gasping to breathe it back,
but being stretched too thin to recall,
and I will still love you.

On Christmas day,
I will surrender,
exhale to inhale your warmth,
but I'll be competing,
intent upon your affections,
delaying our moment,
until the day has past,
and this holiday becomes
another wakeful day
of you and I,
together embracing another tomorrow.

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On Christmas morning,
I will remember,
the remnants of a genteel smile,
while silently basking
in the light of your soul,
reaching out,
hand upon your cheek,
whispering your name
into the dim under glow of rapture,
while I lay weary,
a tempered solace to comfort you.

On Christmas eve,
I watched you,
pondering your pain,
taking your sorrow unto my burdens,
paralyzed from the unforeseen,
muted by needful emotions,
praying upon the whim
that the next day would not be,
and yet, it is inevitable.

On Christmas morning,
I will be your shoulder
to rest upon in your dreary state,
to recover you from the drowsiness of sorrow.
On Christmas day,
I will be your strength,
to relinquish your thoughts of pain,
and live in the moment.
On Christmas night,
I will remind you,
to keep love in your heart,
and know that next year,
I will be the vessel of your dreams,
carrying the seeds of Christmas joy,
preparing to whisk you on your way
to the memories your soul is fed from.

Belabor not,
any false shortcomings,
for this is not of your making.
Being with you
is joy enough to be a lasting memory,
and for that, I am blessed.

Next Christmas,
I will send you,
to that place of intangible joy,
to that freedom,
all the while,
loving you,
from the center of our lives
to wherever that Christmas wind blows you.

Sonia D. Davis

Christmas Love Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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