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Pure Blood Part 1

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The day is over and you are driving home. You tune in to your radio.

You hear a little blurb about a little village in India where some villagers have died suddenly and strangely of a flu that has never been seen before. It's not influenza, but three or four fellows are dead and it's kind of interesting. They're sending some doctors over there to investigate it. You didn't think much about it. However on Sunday, you hear another radio spot on your way home from church. This time, they say it's not three villagers but its thirty thousand villagers that died of the flu in the back hills of this particular area in India. The news is also on television that night. CNN runs a little blurb on it; people are heading there from the disease center in Atlanta because this disease strain has never been seen before.

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By Monday morning when you get up, it's the lead story. For it's not just India; it's Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and before you know it, you're hearing this story everywhere and they have coined it now as "the mystery flu".

The President made some comment about how he and everyone else are praying and hoping that all will go well over there. In spite of that assurance, everyone is wondering how are we going to contain it? That's when the President of France makes an announcement that shocks Europe. He is closing their borders. No flights will enter France from India, Pakistan, or any of the countries where this thing has been seen. That's why you watch a little bit of CNN that night before going to bed. Your jaw hits your chest when what a weeping woman said was translated from a French news program into English: There's a man lying in a hospital in Paris dying of the mystery flu. It has gone to Europe. Panic strikes. As best as they can tell, once you get it, you have it for a week without knowing it. Then you have four days of unbelievable symptoms before you die.


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Britain closes its borders but it's too late. The flu strikes Southampton, Liverpool, Northampton and other British cities. The President of the United States makes the following announcement on Tuesday morning:

Pure Blood Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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