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Brown Sugar


Release Date: October 11, 2002

Runtime: 109 min

Language: English

Tagline: The Rhythm The Love The Beat ...and you don't stop

Director: Rick Famuyiwa

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Who's In It:

Taye Diggs as Andre Romulus 'Dre' Ellis
Sanaa Lathan as Sidney 'Syd' Shaw
Mos Def as Chris 'Cav' Anton Vichon
Nicole Ari Parker as Reese Marie Wiggam Ellis
Boris Kodjoe as Kelby Dawson
Queen Latifah as Francine
Erik Weiner as Ren

Soundtrack / Songs: Brown Sugar - Various Artists - Soundtracks - 2002

1. Brown Sugar (Extra Sweet)
2. Love Of My Life (An Ode To Hip Hop)
3. Bring Your Heart
4. Brown Sugar (Raw)
5. Easy Conversation
6. It's Going Down
7. Breakdown
8. You Make Life So Good
9. Time After Time
10. Paid In Full
11. No One Knows Her Name
12. Act Too (The Love Of My Life)(Remix)
13. Never Been
14. Brown Sugar (Fine)
15. You Changed

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Quotes From Brown Sugar:

Dre: It's when you talk like that, that's what makes me think that you're jealous.
Sidney 'Syd' Shaw: What?
Dre: Yes. Jealous!
Sidney 'Syd' Shaw: No wonder you two are married, you're both crazy! Look here, contrary to what you and your wife may think, I don't spend my nights thinkin' about you, okay?
Dre: Shh! Lower the voice.
Sidney 'Syd' Shaw: I got a man who's fine, intelligent, successful, and gives it to me on a very, very regular basis and the s**t is the bomb!
Dre: So! I don't care what -
Sidney 'Syd' Shaw: Dre I need you to be happy for me. I need you to be there for me, just like you asked of me. So - so I can have tea and eat cucumber sandwiches with the crust cut off!

Dre: Simplicity provides a fine line between elegance and plainness.

Sidney 'Syd' Shaw: I'm getting married, you're still married and we just got busy.


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