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Breaking Up Quotes

Breaking Up Quotes Part 1


It’s not your fault you lied,
it’s mine for believing them.

My mom told me
a guy is in your life for either a reason,
a season, or a lifetime...
in my case he was in it for a season.

An ex is called an ex
because he/she is
an [ex]ample of
what you don’t want in the future.

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Acting like there is nothing wrong,
when you’re torn up inside.

The only reason I ever walked away
was because I wanted so badly
for you to follow.

Ending a relationship
is kind of like taking off a Band-Aid;
little by little, or all at once,
either way you know it’s gonna hurt.

My mind wants to forget you,
but my heart won’t let me.

I’m mad at myself, not you.
I’m mad for always being nice.
Always apologizing for things I never did,
for getting attached.
For making you a huge part of my life,
wasting my time on you, depending on you,
thinking about you, wishing for you,
dreaming of you, changing all for YOU.
But most of all, not hating you when I know I should.


Everybody goes through the blues,
you don’t go through this world
without getting your heart broken.

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When you broke up with me..
I thought I was the stupid one
to tell you good bye…
But right now I think I was
even more stupid to tell you hello..!!

I still can’t go to sleep
without saying I love you to him.

People say “forgive & forget”
but how can I forgive myself
for letting you go?
& how could I ever forget you?

God would not give you right one for now
because he knows you can do wrong and loose him forever…
He wants you to meet at least one wrong person,
just to know how to treat the right one.!!

Breaking Up Quotes Part 1


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