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Miracle of Love Part 2

Miracle of Love Part 1 | 2


I decided to leave everything to cupid and start clearing up the pile of work in front of me. I checked my email. Everything seemed to be normal until I saw one email. The subject looked like another spam email.

“Subject: Hi Ben, so glad to see you again.”

I was about to delete it but luckily, I glanced at the sender’s name. It was a strange but very familiar name, Falerryne Jacob. I recognized the name only after a few seconds. I tried to put together the jigsaw pieces.

"Oh My god!"
I was crying out loud. The mystery was solved. There were not many people in the world having such a strange name.

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Falerryne was my really close high school friend. We walked back home together after school almost everyday. We had such a good old time together before graduation and never met up again for almost ten years! I didn’t want to call it my first love because we were very young at that time but I remembered that we had the best time together. It was one of the happiest periods in my life. The period I always wanted to retrieve back.

“Alright, let's prove it.” I thought as I opened the email.

There was nothing except one link.

It seemed that I had no choice but to follow the link. The link led me to some kind of quiz or questionnaire. The three questions quiz was a bit silly but it really made me laugh.

1. Do you know who I am? (If the answer is B, please continue to the second question.)
A. Yes, the annoying girl who called you in the morning.
B. Very familiar...
C. Do I have to?


2. Think and answer. Who I am? (If the answer is B, please continue to the third question.)
A. Your soul mate in the last life.
B. Your old time pal in school.
C. The second cousin of your mother-in-law who is the sister of your aunt's nephew.

3. So what are you going do, handsome?
A. Call Miss Fairly back right now.
B. Go home and take half a day off.
C. Contact your supervisor for sexual harassment.

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Now the mystery is solved. This is one of the biggest coincidences in my life. My very close old friend got a job in the same company as mine.

I answered those questions, checked her contact number from the employee repository list and started dialling… to begin the new chapter of my love

Miracle of Love Part 1 | 2


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