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Before Sunrise



Release Date: Jan 27, 1995

Runtime: 105 min

Language: English / German

Tagline: When love can come as a complete surprise

Director: Richard Linklater

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Who's In It:

Ethan Hawke as Jesse
Julie Delpy as Celine
Andrea Eckert as Wife on Train
Hanno Pöschl as Husband on Train
Dominik Castell as Street Poet

Soundtrack / Songs: Before Sunset/Before Sunrise - Various Artists - Soundtracks - 2004

1. Je T'aime Tant - Julie Delpy
2. Living Life - Kathy McCarty
3. A Walz For A Night - Julie Delpy
4. 'Andante' From Sonata For Viola Da Gamba In G Major, BWV 1027 - Ketil Haugsand
5. Dido And Encas Overture - The Scholars Baroque Ensemble
6. An Ocean Apart - Julie Delpy
7. Come Here - Kath Bloom
8. Varianto 25 From The Goldberg Variations In G Major, BWV 988 - Igor Kipnis
9. The Human Pump - Harald Waiglein
10. Dancing With Da Rat - Loud
11. Trapeze - Lou Christie

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Quotes From Before Sunrise:

Celine: Isn't everything we do in life a way to be loved a little more?

Celine: Maybe we should meet here in five years or something.
Jesse: All right, all right, five year- Five years! That's a long time!
Celine: It's awful! It's like a sociological experiment!

Jesse: There's these breeds of monkeys, right, and all they do is have sex, all the time, you know? And they turn out to be the least violent, the most peaceful, the most happy, you know? So maybe fooling around isn't so bad.
Celine: Are you talking about monkeys?
Jesse: Yes I'm talking about monkeys.
Celine: Ah, I thought so...

Jesse: You know what's the worst thing about somebody breaking up with you? Is when you remember how little you thought about the people you broke up with and you realize that is how little they're thinking of you. You know, you'd like to think you're both in all this pain but they're just like 'Hey, I'm glad you're gone'.

Jesse: Everybody's parents fucked them up. Rich kids parents gave them too much. Poor kids, not enough. You know, too much attention, not enough attention. They either left them or they stuck around and taught them the wrong things.

Celine: No, then it sounds like a male fantasy. Meet a French girl on the train, fuck her, and never see her again.

Celine: You know what I want?
Jesse: What?
Celine: To be kissed.
Jesse: Well I can do that.

Jesse: I know happy couples... but I think they lie to each other!

Celine: I believe if there's any kind of God it wouldn't be in any of us, not you or me but just this little space in between. If there's any kind of magic in this world it must be in the attempt of understanding someone sharing something. I know, it's almost impossible to succeed but who cares really? The answer must be in the attempt.

Jesse: Sometimes I dream about being a good father and a good husband. And sometimes it feels really close. But then other times it seems silly like it would ruin my whole life. And it's not just a fear of commitment or that I'm incapable of caring or loving because... I can. It's just that, if I'm totally honest with myself I think I'd rather die knowing that I was really good at something. That I had excelled in some way than that I'd just been in a nice, caring relationship.

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