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Blue Summer Part 3

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I slapped his face and ran away from him towards the car. I had drop by before I left for the airport.
I whispered, “I love you even if it hurts me to do so. I wish you’ll be happy with her. I will never regret the day I met you. Goodbye my love.”

- After Two Weeks -

The vacation was over and it was time for another school year. I felt empty because of my blue summer. After that conversation with him two weeks ago, I still feel undone. I still feel the hurt and loneliness in me. However, I have to move on and live my life. I will live my dream to become a medical technologist. We lost contact as he never called after I got back to Italy. It’s hard for me to forget but I have to. He will be married to the one he loves and I should be happy for him. I will have to live my days, months and years without him in my life.

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- After Five Years -

I am now a professional medical technologist. There is a job offering in California and I need to go back there to work. However, I’m afraid to go back because of the past. The joy, hurt and sadness brought to me by love is still clear in my memory. Honestly, I still love Luke. He is still the one I love after all these years.

I was on my way to California in a plane when it crashes. There was a lot of confusion and destruction. When I woke up, I found myself on an island. The plane crash gave me a spinning headache. Just when I thought I was a sole survivor from the crash, I heard a very familiar voice.

“Hi. It’s been a long time since we talked. Can you still remember this man that you fell in love with?”
I turned to look at him. I was shocked when I saw Luke. He sat down beside me.

“I guess you are still in a shock from what happened. By the way, I’m the pilot of the plane.”
“Yes, I am shocked. It’s such a coincidence that I’m one of your surviving passengers. Are there any survivors apart from us?”
“I don’t know. It seems that we are alone and stuck on this island.”

He seemed to have become more mature but he is still the Luke that I’ve loved before. I asked him about Katherine.


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“How are you with Katherine?”
His mood changes when he heard my words.

“She died a week before our wedding. We were on our way home from the jewelry shop when a careless driver hit our car. I am lucky to survive that accident but she’s not. She was in a coma for about a month before she gave up on her life.”
“I’m sorry to hear that.”
“It hurts so badly. I want to end up my life just to be with her for eternity but she came into my dream and told me to live happily. She told me to find a new love and start again. I noticed that she is a resemblance of you.”

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