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Release Date: December 25, 1994

Runtime: 100 min

Language: English / German

Tagline: Think Love.

Director: Fred Schepisi

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Who's In It:

Tim Robbins as Ed Walters
Meg Ryan as Catherine Boyd
Walter Matthau as Albert Einstein
Lou Jacobi as Kurt Gödel
Gene Saks as Boris Podolsky
Joseph Maher as Nathan Liebknecht
Stephen Fry as James Moreland
Tony Shalhoub as Bob Rosetti

Soundtrack / Songs: No known soundtrack but contain the following songs

1. Tutti Frutti - Little Richard
2. Sh-Boom (Life Could Be A Dream) - The Crew Cuts
3. Cocktails For Two - Spike Jones
4. White City - John Kaye

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Quotes From I.Q.:

Albert Einstein: Catherine is my niece.
Ed Walters: She's your niece?
Albert Einstein: Yes
Ed Walters: She's... your niece?
Albert Einstein: I can't have a niece?
Ed Walters: But that makes you... her uncle.
Albert Einstein: It works nicely, doesn't it?

Albert Einstein: Are you thinking what I am thinking?
Ed Walters: Well what would be the odds of that happening?

Boris Podolsky: James! How's the rat business?
James Moreland: Well, actually it's mostly students I'm experimenting on now.
Kurt Godel: My God, the mazes must be enormous.

Catherine Boyd: You took Albert Einstein for a ride on that thing?
Ed Walters: Sure.
Catherine Boyd: Well don't ever do that again!
Ed Walters: Come on. He loved it. He went Wahoo.
Catherine Boyd: Wahoo?
Ed Walters: When's the last time he said Wahoo?
Catherine Boyd: Well I'm sure I don't know.
Ed Walters: When's the last time you said Wahoo?
Catherine Boyd: Well I'm sure I don't know.

Albert: Don't let your brain interfere with your heart.


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