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Love's Song Part 12

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Mrs. Kowan and Emily sat by Yuri’s bedside. The air was filled with misery as even the weather was mourning. The wind howled and it began to rain.
“Yuri, please wake up,” Mrs. Kowan sobbed.
“Mother is sorry. I owe you so much. I wasn't able to protect you, just like I couldn’t protect Simon and you father. Why am I so useless…”
“Mrs. Kowan, I beg you to stop being this way.” Emily said.
“Yuri doesn’t need us to sob over her right now. She needs encouragement.”
“You’re right, Emily.” Mrs. Kowan said.
She turned back to Yuri.
“Yuri, look at all who love you so much. Look around. Open your eyes, sit up, and look around. We all love you so much, please wake up!”
Despite all their talk, Yuri remained motionless and lifeless.

It was seven o’clock in the morning in the ward. There was nobody except the patient in the ward. The clock struck seven and the patient’s fingers moved very slightly. Her eyelids twitched and fluttered open, like a butterfly spreading its wings. Yuri sat up very slowly. The last time she was conscious, she coughed blood and couldn’t breathe. However, her breath is back now. She got up slowly and walked along the hallway. For some reason, she was glad of the eerie silence and peacefulness. The hallways were empty and Yuri went down to the beach. She bent down before the rock she had sat together with Thomas and took out a piece of chalk. Yuri wrote the words very slowly as her hand shook from weakness, “Yuri and Thomas Forever.”
Then, she sat down on the rock to gaze at the churning ocean.

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“Dr. Brown, where is Yuri?” Thomas demanded.
The doctor turned, startled.
“She’s not in the ward?”
“No, I went to the ward but it was empty.” Thomas replied as he began to panic.
He turned to search for Yuri again but Dr. Brown grabbed his arm.
“She truly loves you.” The doctor said.
“You never knew how much. That time you got shot, it was she who gave you part of her liver. Even though she knew that if she did so, her life span will shorten. She saved you, not me. Go find her.”

Thomas swung free of the doctor looking shocked. It was Yuri who had saved him. If it wasn’t for Yuri, he would be dead. If it wasn’t for him, Yuri would be able to live longer today. It was his fault. Thomas bolted out the hospital gates towards the beach, where he assumed she was. He was right. Far away seated on a rock, there was a figure in blue. He ran up to her but froze as he was three feet away. She turned and gazed back at him. They stared at each other for a moment and then Thomas, for the first time in his life, started to cry. He ran up and hugged Yuri. He kissed her cheek and her forehead. The tears he had been holding back his whole life spilled.

“Yuri, why did you have to save me?” Thomas cried as tears streamed down his pale face.
“I’m so sorry!”
Yuri lay in his embrace.
“Don’t be sorry Thomas. If I hadn’t saved you, my happiness wouldn’t have lasted.” She said as silent tears poured down her face.
He hugged her like he could never let go as she lay on his lap. Yuri suddenly felt immense pain penetrate her body and she flinched. Her energy was drained and her lips were colorless and dry.
“I love you, Thomas.” She whispered.
“I love you, Yuri.” Thomas said.
He could feel her energy draining and he knew she was dying. More tears leaked out of his eyes.
“Remember the time when we first met? You were really mean to me.” Yuri said.
Thomas nodded.
“And the time when you accidentally kissed me.”
“When our eyes first met.”
“When we first broke up.”
“When we first kissed.”
Yuri’s voice got softer as she spoke. Thomas held her tighter.
“Thomas, remember the poem I read to you?”
“I remember every word.”
“Can you read it with me?” Yuri asked.
Thomas nodded as tears flooded his eyes again. Yuri smiled and began to clap as she chanted. Thomas joined in.

“Love is a legend, love is a story.
Love is a feeling, an experience, and a memory.
It’s something I can’t see,
It’s something just for two.
Yet I feel so special,
When I’m with you.
Through storm and fire,
I feel the strong desire.
Down cliffs and rivers,
So we can be together,
Up mountains and hills,
Just me and you forever.”

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They stopped together. Yuri’s arms felt heavy but she managed a soft laugh as she struggled to keep her eyes open.
“Thomas, now let’s read your poem.”

“I’ll hold your hand and help you stand
when you need me.
I’ll truly love you and be your eyes
when you are blind.
I’ll help you find your way and be your compass
when you are lost.
I’ll keep you warm and be your blanket
when you are cold.
But I believe when we’re together,
we can accomplish whatever we want.
We will hold hands… side-by-side…
With… nothing… to worry…”

Yuri stopped clapping and chanting. Her hands fell onto her lap and her head rolled to the side against Thomas’s shoulder. Thomas felt tears penetrate his eyes but he did not stop. He continued chanting and clapping and finished the poem.

“And nothing to hide.
We can be together.
Just you and me together forever.”

Thomas looked down at Yuri but she had died. He felt pain strike through his heart and he cupped her head in his hands.
“Yuri, I’ll be your compass and blanket! I’ll be your anything! Yuri, please don’t go! Yuri!!!” he held her head and shouted as more tears streamed down his cheeks.

A huge wave crashed against the rock with the words, “Yuri and Thomas Forever”. The words were washed away by that wave along with Yuri’s life.

Yuri Kowan died on December 14th, exactly two years after her brother’s death.

Thomas stood by the ocean. It was three months after Yuri’s death. He glared at the ocean with tears falling unashamedly down his cheeks. He had promised Yuri they would be together forever, and he had decided that if she couldn’t stay with him, he would go to her. He took a step into the cold ocean… and then took another step … and then another…

~ Epilogue ~
Three years later Emily Radley and her husband Thomas Vacur watched their infant son crawl in his play pen. Thomas was saved by Emily but he lost his memory when he tried to drown himself.

Emily gazed at her happy family. She was filled with joy at what was given to her today and she would never forget Yuri Kowan, the girl who gave her all she had today. Far away, they could hear an orchestra playing the song of love. Yuri Kowan, you will always be Thomas’s girl… Thomas’s memory… Thomas’s love… His princess… His angel… And Thomas’s universe…

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