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The Best Story Ever
Love's Song Part 10

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Yuri stumbled back to her dormitory to find Emily waiting for her.
“You let him go?” she whispered with a hoarse voice from crying.
She rounded up on Yuri.
“Why did you let him go?” she raised a fist and punched Yuri across the face.
Yuri didn’t move. She stood still feeling numbed. Emily screamed and ran out of the dormitory sobbing and screaming. Yuri fell onto her bed.

For the next three weeks, Yuri coughed blood often. It was harder to hide her leukaemia. She was often tired and skipped half her classes. Once she even almost fainted in class. Thomas phoned every week, saying cheerfully that he was doing well. Yuri cried every time he phoned but hid it from him. She couldn’t bear to end his happiness.

Emily wandered into the hospital for her annual health check up. She had just seen Dr. Slath, her private physician, and was informed that she was as healthy as ever. She was walking past the cancer hallway when she heard Yuri’s voice.

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“Dr. Brown, I have been coughing blood often. Does this mean anything?” Yuri asked.
Emily hid behind the door to listen to the conversation.
“Yuri, I’m sorry. Your leukaemia is getting worse. I’m afraid you will not live for another two months.” Dr. Brown said.

Emily gasped silently.
‘So that was why Yuri looked so pale lately.’ She thought.
Tears of regret welled up in her eyes.
‘How horrible, Yuri had leukaemia, and she is dying! However, she’s still so young. She’s not even seventeen!’ Emily thought tearfully.
‘She let Thomas go and suffered all that pain and torture alone. She only wants the best for Thomas and not herself. She truly loved Thomas. I could never do what she did.’ Emily thought.
‘I don’t deserve Thomas. Yuri is dying and Thomas is not even by her side.’

“I understand.” Yuri said.
“Thank you, Dr. Brown.”
She was about to leave when Dr. Brown stopped her.
“Is Mr. Vacur here?” he asked.
“He went to France.”
“But why did you let him go when you needed him most?” the doctor asked.
“It’s what he wanted.” Yuri answered.
“I know I cannot be with him forever anymore. I don’t want him to know and freak out. I want everything to stay normal. He’s happy right now, and I don’t want to ruin it. I want him to be happy forever even after I die. I hope he marries Emily and have children. They are a good match as he is so handsome and Emily is also very pretty…”

Emily bolted out of the hallway as she is unable to bear it anymore. She slid down a wall and sobbed out loud.
‘How could she be so horrible to Yuri in the past?’
She put her head on her knees and wept shamefully. Her eyes caught sight of a pay phone in front of her. She stood up and picked it up. She shoved some coins into it. ‘Thomas has to come back. He has to come back and be with Yuri. They belong together.’
She held the phone close to her ears and dialled Thomas’s number. It rang three times before he picked it up.

Thomas picked up the phone.
“Thomas, this is Emily.” Emily replied with a hoarse and sad voice.
“Hi Emily.”
“You have to come back to London as soon as possible.” She said.
Thomas became a little annoyed at Emily’s stubbornness.
“Listen Emily. I can’t just leave right now. Listen I can’t come back. For the last time…”
“It’s about Yuri.” Emily interrupted.
She began to cry.
“You have to come back to her right now. She… She…”
“What’s wrong with Yuri? Emily, what’s wrong with her?” Thomas demanded as he began to panic.
“She’s ill with leukaemia. The doctor says she can’t live for more than two months!” Emily’s voice sobbed into the receiver.

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Thomas hung up. He felt his heart stop.
‘Yuri is sick. She is dying. How could he have left her alone?’
At the airport, she looked as if she was pleading him to stay with her and yet he still left. He let her down and disappointed her, like what he had done so many times before. Thomas went into his black car and raced towards the airport to catch the earliest possible flight back to London.

Yuri walked down the hallway of the school. She is going to die soon and would never be able to see Thomas ever again. He left her. She was afraid he would leave her just like what Simon did but she was going to leave him soon instead. She is going to make Thomas endure all the pain she had gone through. Yuri didn’t want to die. She wanted to be with Thomas forever.

Suddenly, an immense pain shot through her body. Her veins, bones and muscles felt as if they were on fire. She felt her vision go blur again and this time, her head was spinning too. She knew she was going to die. She’s going to die right in the middle of the hallway. Die in front of all her schoolmates. Die without a last look at Thomas. Her legs finally gave away beneath her. Her books fell with a loud thud onto the marble floor and she fell with her books. Everyone in the hallway turned to look at her. The moment she hit the floor, Yuri’s eyes closed and she lay still.

Thomas ran all the way out of the airport. He waved frantically for a cab and climbed in. The cab broke down halfway there so Thomas had to run the rest of the way. His hair flew behind him and he felt sweat trickling down his forehead. Yuri is waiting for him in the hospital. She is still alive and waiting for him. He had to see her. He could see her pale face wincing in pain and she was crying and gasping. Thomas quickened his pace.

Emily was waiting outside the hospital. Tears stained her white face and she has a blank expression.
“Emily, where’s Yuri?” Thomas grabbed her shoulders and asked.
Emily didn’t reply but sobbed silently.
“Thomas she’s in the emergency room right now. Dr. Brown said her condition worsened. She fainted in the hallway. He reckons she could not live past the next three weeks.” Emily said before breaking down completely.
Thomas stumbled back looking stunned. He felt his ears pounding and before he knew it, he bolted toward the emergency room.

“Yuri!” he shouted frantically trying to burst into the emergency room.
Aaron Spiel and another doctor held him back. Thomas fought desperately but couldn’t free himself.
“Thomas, calm down!” Mr. Spiel ordered as he gripping his son’s shoulders and shook it hard.
“How can I calm down?” Thomas yelled.
“Yuri’s lying in the emergency room dying! How can you expect me to calm down?”
“You’re not helping Yuri being this way! Calm down!”
Thomas looked at his father wearily.
“Father, I just want Yuri back! I just want her back…“
Aaron Spiel clasped a hand on Thomas’s back.

“Yuri Kowan, you are the meanest person in the entire universe.” Thomas said with a quiet and soothing voice.
“We said we would be together. We promised each other we would never part. How could you be so cruel to me? How could you do this to me?” He hit her gently as he felt the prickly feeling in his eyes.
“How could you make me worry about you like this? In France, I think about you everyday, and you have to hurt me like this. Yuri Kowan, you’re inhuman and horrible. How could you make me go through all the pain you went through for Simon?” Thomas paused to swallow the prickly feeling.

The ward was silent, and Yuri remained motionless. Thomas was unable to say anything anymore. He put his head face-down by Yuri’s cold hand.
“Yuri, I love you. For our love, please… Please wake up!” he wanted to cry, but somehow he just couldn’t.
“I’ve changed for you, please wake up for me.”
Moments ticked by and there was a soft murmur from the girl.
“Thomas… Thomas…” Yuri was calling his name softly in a hoarse whisper.
Thomas raised his head in disbelief. Yuri was stirring slowly. She closed her hand gently around Thomas’s.
“Take me to the beach, Thomas.” Her voice was hardly above a whisper and her lips were colorless.
“Alright.” Thomas said soothingly.
He gently picked up the fragile girl.

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