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Love's Song Part 3

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An hour later Yuri stepped up onto the stage and was introduced to the orchestra of one hundred and seventy people. Yuri scanned the big orchestra with interest. It was certainly a good orchestra. Suddenly, Yuri spotted the blonde hair again. Once again, Yuri felt her heart hammer against her chest. The boy’s hair was slicked back and his head was down as he studied the keys for the grand piano. Yuri dropped the microphone with a loud clang and all heads turned to her. Emily and her huge group of friends smirked and giggled. The boy looked up and Yuri gasped with shock. The boy was Simon. His looked at her with his sapphire blue eyes, except ten times colder. He also had the same pale skin and beautiful blonde hair.

Yuri whispered with a voice hoarse with shock. The boy stepped up to her.
“What do you want, Kowan?” he asked icily.
“Oh, this is Thomas Vacur, our pianist.”
Randy explained, looking rather embarrassed at Thomas’s rude attitude.
“He’s rather inhospitable toward strangers.”

However, Yuri didn't hear him. All she saw was her handsome brother standing alive in front of her. Tears filled her eyes and even Thomas seemed surprise as the teardrops slid down Yuri’s white face and dropped onto her harp.

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“You’re not dead.” Yuri whispered.
“You are very much mistaken Kowan. I never died. And my name is not Simon, its Thomas, T-H-O-M-A-S, in case you can’t hear or spell.”
The boy turned on his heels and went back to the piano.

Why is Simon being so mean and cold? Yuri thought. He doesn’t love me, he hates me. Why did he glare at me like that like he never knew me? Clapping her hands over her mouth, Yuri sped out of the auditorium.

“What did you call Thomas, Yuri Kowan?”
Emily demanded, rounding on Yuri forcefully. Yuri was staring wistfully at the picture of her and Simon. Emily snatched the picture out of Yuri’s hands.
“How did you know Thomas?” she snapped, staring at the picture in disbelief and disgust.
“That’s my brother Simon when he was still alive.” Yuri said, reaching out to take her picture back.
“Please give it to me.”
Emily smirked and held the picture out of reach.
“You really like him, don’t you?” she asked.
Yuri looked away but didn’t answer. To Yuri’s horror, Emily dropped the picture. The glass frame crashed to the floor and shattered. The picture lay in the pieces of broken glass.
“No!” Yuri cried, bending down to pick up the picture.
The girl felt her heart shatter the moment the glass broke. Tears streamed down Yuri’s face as she held the picture to her chest.
“Why did you have to do that?” Yuri cried, glaring at Emily with tear-filled eyes.
“Oh, I’m so sorry. It just slipped out of my hands.”
Emily said sarcastically. She moved her face closer to Yuri’s.
“But I’m warning you, Yuri Kowan, I like Thomas so stay away. He’s mine.”
She stepped over the glass and stamped out, leaving Yuri and her shattered frame and heart behind.

Neither Yuri nor Emily mentioned anything about the picture incident. Yuri performed spectacularly for the next few days and their orchestra concert was a great success.

Thomas walked over to his dormitory after an exhausting day of performance. His fingers were numb from playing. He reached his dormitory and found his dorm mate, Willis Patan sitting on the floor with three cups upside down in front of him.

“Want me to foretell your future for you, Vacur?” Willis asked, wrinkling his forehead.
“No thanks, Patan. I’ve outgrown fortune-telling.” Thomas said coldly.
“Come on Vacur. Try it.” Willis nagged, pulling on Thomas’s sleeve.
The boy swung free and rolled his eyes, sitting down across Willis.
“Pick one.” Willis instructed, mixing the three cups up.
Thomas gave an impatient sigh and picked the middle one. Willis carefully opened the cup and took out a piece of paper.
“Oh, this is a love spirit. It says the girl of your life is getting close to you now. You will find on her a card that says the same thing as I said to you.”
Willis said, with a look of awe on his face. Thomas rolled his eyes in annoyance.
“It’s just a bunch of crap as usual.” He muttered and climbed into bed.

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Yuri walked back to her dormitory after a day of music class. Suddenly, a shoulder knocked into hers and immense pain shot through her shoulder bones. It was Thomas. For a moment their eyes met. Yuri stared deep into Thomas’s blue eyes and saw something. She wasn’t sure what it was but it looked like a streak of sunlight through all the ice. She stared at him for a long while and he stared back. Yuri couldn’t believe that anyone could look so alike in this world. The girl thought of Simon’s handsome face, his wonderful blue eyes and that he would be standing here right next to her joking and laughing like old times if he hadn’t died in that horrible accident. If it weren’t for that other stupid driver, Simon would still be here. A single tear rolled down her cheek and she let it trickle down her chin.

“Why do you always cry whenever you see me, Kowan?” Thomas asked as he narrowed his eyes so they looked like slits.
“You remind me of someone,” Yuri said vaguely, looking as if she’s in a trance.
“Someone that meant the world to me. Someone who would be here today if that car accident hadn’t occurred one year ago.”
Yuri turned on her heels and sped down the hall toward her dormitory. She hated facing Thomas. She didn’t look back to see Thomas staring after her for a long time. Somehow he remembered so clearly the way she looked at him. The way her tears rolled down her cheeks when she looked into her eyes. He slowly felt his heart crack.

‘Why would he care?’ Yuri thought.
‘Why would he care that she cried. Unless he is really Simon?’
Before Yuri could think about how was that possible, something on the ground caught her eye. It was a card that was lying face down. Curiously, Yuri picked it up.
“The boy of your life is getting closer.” Yuri read the card out loud.
The girl smiled wanly. She didn’t believe in fortune telling, but she stuffed the card into her pocket and went off to her dormitory.

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