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The Best Love Story
Love's Song Part 7

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“Yuri, please tell me what’s wrong.” Thomas begged.
“I told you, I’m ill.” Yuri replied.
“I can tell you’re avoiding me.”
Yuri bit her lip then turned to him.
“Thomas, I don’t want to hurt you OK? I don’t know if I really love you or I’m just seeing Simon through you.” She blurted out.
Thomas looked astounded.
“But I thought…”
“Yes, you thought I love you! I don’t know if it’s real love, Thomas! Just, please, go with Emily!” Yuri began to tremble uncontrollably.
She got up and ran all the way to the dormitory, well out of Thomas’s sight.

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“Yuri, you have to go to the ball.” Emily pleaded with a purr in her voice.
“Go with Randy. He asked you. That way you won’t hurt Thomas and you will get to have fun also.”
Emily reached into her suitcase and pulled out a beautiful red satin dress. She quickly matched it against Yuri’s body.
“We’re about the same size. Here, this is a dress of mine. It fits you perfectly. You can have it.”
Yuri looked at Emily, surprised at her sudden kindness.
“No, this is too beautiful and exquisite…” she began, but Emily shoved the dress into Yuri’s arms.
“You simply must go, Yuri. I’ll wait for you at the ball.” Emily said hastily and left before Yuri could refuse.

The night of the ball was cheerful and wonderful. Yuri finally gave in to Emily’s endless nagging and decided to go to the ball dressed in the red satin dress. Emily and her crowd of friends were to meet their dates in the gym but Randy waited for Yuri.

Thomas and Emily stood chatting. Thomas wore a long and handsome black suit with a tie while Emily also wore a red satin dress. The gym was crowded with people among which half of them were Emily’s snobby and popular friends. Thomas’s mind kept drifting to Yuri and he went for the door twice with every intention to visit her but he was stopped by Emily.

Just then, Thomas’s eyes caught a flash of red on a person that just entered the gym. It was Yuri and Randy and she was wearing exactly what Emily was wearing. Thomas was so shocked that he dropped his cookie. Emily noticed and suddenly put a hand to her head to pretend she was upset.
“I feel so ashamed, Thomas. Yuri told me she didn’t like that dress and it was ugly and a waste of money. In spite of that, she went and bought the exact same one for the ball. I think I’ll go back to my dormitory before she sees me.”
She sped away before Thomas could stop her. He stared at Yuri in stunned silence. He had a look of disbelief and disgust on his face. She had lied to him and she had lied to Emily. She told him she wasn’t coming and yet she turns up with Randy. What kind of rotten heart does she have?

Two days have passed since the ball and Thomas refuses to speak a single word to Yuri. He stayed with Emily who was beyond happy. She had finally won Yuri Kowan.

Yuri began to feel the horrible pain more often and sometimes she felt weak and tired. She decided to ignore it but the pains and weakness were recurring more often so she went for a check up with Dr. Brown. Yuri waited patiently outside the examination room while Dr. Brown concluded the results. He came out two hours later with his face looked sombre. The conclusion paper shook in his trembling hands.

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“Yuri, the results showed that you have leukaemia.” The doctor said.
For a moment, Yuri was sure she had misunderstood him.
“I… I’m sorry, Dr. Brown?”
“You have been diagnosed with leukaemia, a cancer that affects your blood.”
Yuri looked carefully at the doctor to make sure he wasn’t joking.
“M-Maybe you should do the results over again…”
“Yuri, I did it three times already. There is no mistake.” The doctor said gravely.
“I’m afraid the only way to cure leukaemia is through bone marrow transplant operation. However, it is difficult to get a suitable donor and the price is unreasonably high… I suppose you can always try medication...”
“I’ll take that, then.” Yuri said quietly.

The medicine bottle shook in Yuri’s hand as she stumbled back to the school. Leukaemia? How could it be this serious? She never imagined it was that bad. What will she do now? Certainly she couldn’t afford the operation. But what else is there to do? Maybe, just maybe, Yuri thought, the medicine will cure me. I’ll just have to wait and pray.

Thomas glanced uneasily around him. He had a feeling someone had been following him ever since he had left Emily. They had gone to a music class together before she went off shopping.

A dark shadow flickered past again. Thomas spun around quickly but there was nobody in sight. Damn it, he thought. He escaped again. He moves really quickly. He was just about to turn back when the culprit lunged out at him. Thomas yelled in surprise but ducked just in time. The shadow fell a few feet before him but got up quickly in a flash. It was Randy. Randy pulled out a gun and pointed it at Thomas.

Yuri returned from the hospital with her ears pounding slightly.
“You will not live for long,” Dr. Brown’s words rung in her ears.
“If you don’t do the operation, there is a chance that you will die shortly. Even with the operation, it can only extend your life span and not fully cure it.”
Yuri was immersed in her thoughts when a deadly voice reached her ears.
“I am son of the gang leader, your filthy father’s master.”
It was Randy’s voice! Yuri quickly ducked behind a building to listen to the conversation.
“My father?” Thomas’s said in a surprised voice.
“Your father, Marcus Vacur, was a filthy piece of crap. He stole money from my father when he was broke. He deserved to be killed. Now that my father is dead, the gang is dismissed, and I’m the only one who remains loyal to my father.” Randy held out the gun.
Yuri clapped her hand over her mouth in horror. She reached quietly into her purse and pulled out her cell phone. She glanced uneasily at them to see what Randy was doing. She dialled 911 and gave them the address. The police said they would be there shortly.
She turned her attention back to Randy but Thomas was talking now.
“I never knew my father and I don’t have one either.” He said coolly, glowering at Randy.
“For years I have followed you to try and kill you. I have killed three of the disloyal gang members already. Now, I need to get rid of you.”
Yuri gasped. She heard sirens, but Randy did not seem to notice. Yuri ran to the police cars. Officers leapt out and they ran to Randy and Thomas.

Halfway there, Yuri heard a blast. There was no doubt Randy had pulled the trigger. There was a muffled yell and Yuri’s heart stopped.'

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