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Love's Song Part 6

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Dawn slowly arises and Thomas was nodding off towards the wall. Yuri was still unconscious and he had been with her ever since. Emily and Mr. Spiel had left later during the night. Yuri began to stir, causing Thomas to wake up with a start. Yuri’s eyes slowly fluttered open. She blinked and saw Thomas peering at her with concern written across every syllable of his handsome face.

“Oh, hi.” Yuri said stiffly, sitting up.
Thomas helped her awkwardly.
“What are you doing here?”
“I want to talk, Yuri.” Thomas said earnestly.

They walked along the pretty hedges of the hospital garden.
“So…” They said in unison.
“You first.” Yuri said.
“No, you’re a girl.” Thomas replied politely.
“Have you been with me the whole time?” Yuri asked.
Thomas nodded and she sighed.
“You didn’t have to.”
“Still think I wrecked your photos?” Thomas asked quietly.
The girl didn’t reply for a long time.
“I guess not. I was so stunned the moment Emily told me it was your quill. And it hurt so much. I guess I blew up at you.” She said.
“It’s still true; you can’t live in a shadow forever.” The boy began cautiously.
“And what would you know?” Yuri said coldly.
“I don’t, but it doesn’t seem right.” Thomas said defiantly.
“And why do you even care?” Yuri snapped, flaring up.
“Because I care about you!” Thomas blurted out, stunned at his own daringness.
Before he knew what he was doing, he threw his arms around Yuri.
“I… I love you.”

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Yuri stood still in Thomas’s embrace, stunned. Thomas loves her? Of all the girls who liked him, he loved her? He was just like Simon. So sincere. So serious. Tears stung her eyes. Not tears of anger or sadness, but somehow tears of surprise and joy. Her arms lingered uncertainly around his waist. She thought she would never love again, but now, she realized she was in love with Thomas. And she only just realizes that now. Yuri tightened her arms around Thomas and so did he, more confidently this time. They hugged for a long time, each admiring the other’s daringness. They were both stung by happiness and relieved that they have confessed their feelings for each other.

Finally they broke apart. Yuri confessed she was tired and her twisted back was beginning to hurt and so they returned to the ward. Thomas sat by Yuri with her in his arms.

“Thomas, do you know which my favourite poem is?” Yuri whispered, her voice tired but happy.
“Tell me.” Thomas said soothingly.
“My mother read it to me when I was little. My father had died, so she chanted this poem often. It’s called” Love.”

“Love is a legend, love is a story.
Love is a feeling, an experience, and a memory.
It’s something I can’t see,
It’s something just for two.
Yet I feel so special,
When I’m with you.
Through storm and fire,
I feel the strong desire.
Down cliffs and rivers,
So we can be together,
Up mountains and hills,
Just me and you forever.”

Yuri stopped and leaned on Thomas’s shoulder.
“That’s lovely.” Thomas said.
“I feel the same way towards you.” He smiled.
Minutes passed and Yuri slowly fell asleep. Thomas laid her down and gently kissed her on the forehead. He then left.

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“Miss Yuri, you can leave today.” Dr. Brown informed her.
“Feeling better?”
“I’m fully recovered due to your careful treatment. Thank you.” Yuri said, packing up her books.
“You know, Mr. Vacur is a fine young man.” Dr. Brown said suddenly.
Yuri looked up in surprise.
“Yes indeed he is.”
“Do you really think he can replace Mr. Simon’s place in your heart?” the doctor stopped cleaning and looked down at his hands.
“He will never be Simon, you know. My wife died, and though I’ve met some fine young women, they will never replace her. Are you really loving him or just using him as a mere shadow of Simon? If you’re just using him, you will hurt him more than you can imagine.”

Yuri looked down too. Now that Dr. Brown mentioned it, she wasn’t sure anymore if she wanted Thomas. She didn’t want to hurt him and use him merely because he looks like Simon. She can’t pretend he is Simon because he’s not. That would be too unfair for him. Yuri suddenly realized she was still standing in the ward. She quickly bid the doctor goodbye and left.

Yuri reached her dormitory thirty minutes later. Emily stood there, glaring at her.
“Emily, what…”
Emily slapped Yuri across the face.
“You filthy little hag, how dare you get involved with Thomas?” the girl snapped, her face in a frightful glare.
“I told you to stay away. He’s mine. You just like him because he looks like that wretched brother of yours, Simon! You have to break up! You’re hurting Thomas rather than loving him!” she glared at Yuri, hate blazing in her blue eyes.
Yuri stared intently at Emily, tears in her eyes. They weren’t tears from the stinging pain but from the fact that Emily was right.
“I can give him real love! How can you just come in and break us apart? We were a fine couple before you came in! You’re so unfair to me and to him!” Emily glowered at Yuri and then stormed out of the room.

“Students, as you all know,” Mr. Spiel’s voice came through the loudspeaker.
“The annual music ball is to be held in one week. The gym will not be available due to decorating works. Please prepare.”

Thomas looked eagerly at Yuri. He had gone to the last ball with Emily but this year, he was looking forward to a real nice and romantic time with Yuri. However, she wasn’t looking his way. Was she avoiding his eyes?

After class, Thomas managed to catch up with Yuri.
“Yuri, let’s go to the ball together.” He said, taking her hand.
“It’ll be great.”
She didn’t reply.
“Thomas, I… I don't think I’m going to the ball.” Yuri stammered, to Thomas’s surprise.
“I’m a little ill this week. I think I’m going to rest for a bit.” Yuri shook free of Thomas and walked away with her head bowed.

A few minutes later Emily came up to Thomas to his dismay.
“Thomas,” she said sweetly.
“Since Yuri’s not going to the ball, are you willing to go again with me?” she batted her eyebrows furiously at him in a cute way.
Thomas stared after Yuri who was well out of sight already. He then looked back at Emily who was looking anxiously at him. He nodded. Emily’s beautiful face broke into a smile.
“It will be a success.”
She took his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze before leaving.

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