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Love's Song Part 11

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Thomas carried Yuri along the beach with her face pressed against his. Their foreheads touched fondly.
“Why didn't you tell me?” Thomas asked as he watched her black hair blow around her.
“I’m sorry, Thomas.” Yuri whispered.
Her voice was soft and tired. She felt tears slide silently down her cheeks.
“I don’t want to die, Thomas.”
Thomas lay Yuri down carefully and sat down next to her on a large rock. Her skirt fluttered around her feet and the sun blinded her slightly on the windy December day.
“I don’t you to die either, Yuri.” Thomas said as he wiped her tears away.
“Thomas, I know I won’t be able to live any much longer.” Yuri said quietly.
“Let our hearts connect forever. No matter what happens, I’ll always be there for you. No matter what happens, our hearts will always be together, ok?”
Thomas looked at her fondly, his platinum blonde hair whipping out behind him. He nodded and placed his hands behind him on the cold rock.
“Look at the ocean, it is very violent today.” He said.
“Yes, I love the ocean. It’s calm sometimes, but violent and unsure at other times, just like our love.”
She turned to Thomas.
“Thomas, my heart will never leave you.”
She closed her eyes, and so did he. They both leaned forward in unison and kissed very gently. Thomas placed his hand on Yuri’s cold face and ran his fingers through her soft black hair like a comb. They kissed in front of the roaring ocean under the pale sunset.

“Thomas, can you sing me a lullaby?” Yuri said quietly.
They were back at school in Thomas’s dormitory. Yuri was lying in Thomas’s arms because she didn’t want to go back to the hospital. Thomas has been with her for every second since he got back to London. Aaron Spiel had called Mrs. Kowan. Even though Yuri objected to it, Mr. Spiel insisted that her mother be with her.
“I don’t know any lullabies, Yuri, but I have a poem. It’s called ‘Together’. This is how it goes.”

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“I’ll hold your hand and help you stand
when you need me.
I’ll truly love you and be your eyes
when you are blind.
I’ll help you find your way and be your compass
when you are lost.
I’ll keep you warm and be your blanket
when you are cold.
But I believe when we’re together,
we can accomplish whatever we want.
We will hold hands, side-by-side,
with nothing to worry and nothing to hide.
We can be together.
Just you and me together forever.”

“That is a beautiful poem, Thomas.” Yuri murmured sleepily as her eyelids felt heavy.
She put her head onto his shoulder and murmured.
“Can you do all that for me?”
Thomas kissed her on the cheek.
“Of course I can. I would do anything for you. Remember, our hearts are connected.” He hugged her tightly.
“I’ll remember…”
Yuri’s voice trailed off and she fell into a deep slumber.

“Yuri!” Mrs. Kowan burst through the door and ran up to her daughter with a duffel bag clinging limply out of her hand.
She studied her daughter. Yuri looked so pale, so weak and fragile. She stroked her daughter’s face and hugged her tightly.
“Hi, Mother.” Yuri said.
Mrs. Kowan began to sob.
“Mother, what’s wrong?”
“Oh, my dear, what happened?” Mrs. Kowan said.
Yuri felt pain shoot through her body and her body felt cold.
“It’s alright, Mother.” Yuri managed to choke out.
Her muscles were weakening again.
“Yuri, look at you. You’ve grown so much skinnier!” her mother put her arms around Yuri and turned to Thomas.
“Thomas, dear. Thank you for taking care of my little girl.” She said, tears in her eyes.
Thomas nodded.
“Yuri, you should go back to the hospital. You will go through the operation.” Mrs. Kowan insisted.
Thomas and Mrs. Kowan escorted her to the hospital where they filled in papers for the operation.

“Mrs. Kowan, please go and rest for a while. I’ll take care of Yuri.” Thomas offered.
The lady smiled wanly.
“Alright, I’ll go wait outside while you two chat.” She said, patting his shoulder.
Thomas sat down next to Yuri and she grabbed his hand.
“Thomas, I’m scared. I don't want to have surgery.” She said and her eyes looked frightened.
Thomas took her in his arms and gave her a kiss on the cheek.
“I’ll be right next to you, Yuri. Don’t worry.” He said gently.
“I’m afraid of dying.” Yuri confessed.
“Everyone thinks I’m so noble and brave but nobody understands how scared I am inside. I don’t want to die.” She began to tremble slightly.
Thomas hugged her tighter.
“Everything will be OK.” He soothed.
He hugged her for a long time, until she spoke.
“Thomas, go get some rest.” She said.

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Thomas smiled and nodded. Yuri noticed dark shadows under his blue eyes and he did not harden his platinum blonde hair with gel today. Yuri watched him leave and her heart began to hammer with fear. She was so scared, she was so afraid of death. She sat up and put her head against her knees as she cried in the dark. She felt so lonely, so lost…

The door to the ward opened and Emily stepped in. She was crying as well.
“You called Thomas, Emily. Thank you.” Yuri said through her sobs.
Emily nodded and hugged Yuri hesitantly.
“I’m so sorry!” she whispered.
Yuri hugged her back.
“Emily, I’m so scared. I don't want to have the operation. I don't want to!”
Emily held Yuri’s head gently.
“Yuri, be brave. Not for me. Not for Thomas, but for yourself.” She encouraged.
Both girls wept to drown their sorrows. Neither knew how long they wept but it made them both feel better.

“Thomas, Mrs. Kowan, Emily, Yuri’s conditions has worsened.” Dr. Brown said.
“There is no hope. She can’t have the operation anymore. We have arranged for your last visits.” He walked away to his office.
Mrs. Kowan fell back onto the bench with tears flooding down her cheeks. Emily gasped and Thomas shook his head before turning on his heels and racing out of the hospital. He ran with all his might until he stumbled and couldn’t run anymore. He put his hands on the fountain in front of him and stared at his reflection. They were so close to extending Yuri’s life span. Now, she is going to die. He could not keep his promise and be with her forever. Thomas threw back his head and shot off into the December night sky.

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