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Love's Song Part 2

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“Yuri, have you packed all your things?”
Susan Kowan called from downstairs.
“Your plane to England leaves at six!”
Yuri stuffed the rest of her clothes into her suitcase and snapped the suitcase shut.
“Almost done, Mother!” the sixteen years old called back.
She hesitated as she looked at a picture of her and Simon. Her brother would have been nineteen if he hadn’t died. He had his arm around Yuri in the picture and they were both smiling happily.

It has been almost a year since the death of her brother. Yuri never really got over the tragic incident but much to her surprise, life soon became normal again for all others, but never for Yuri. A part of her had died and she knew it was her heart. The young girl decided to attend a music orchestra school in England. After Simon’s death, they never shut down the small beach house Yuri’s brother owned, but nobody ever went there again. However, everything inside was still working.

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Yuri buried her thoughts and quickly placed the picture into her suitcase. She grabbed the suitcase and heaved it downstairs where her mother was waiting for her.

“Come on, hurry up, dear.”
Mrs. Kowan beckoned, climbing into the driver’s seat of their Fiat. The mother and daughter bided each other goodbye at the airport. Susan Kowan kissed Yuri on the cheek and told her to be careful.

Hours and hours later, the American Airlines flight landed at the London airport. Yuri got off the airplane along with the other passengers. The airport security staff stood still like statues at every entrance. The airport wasn’t crowded. The girl’s eyes darted around for some sign of what she was looking for - a person or people who represented the Carson Music School.

Just then Yuri heard her name.
“Miss Yuri Kowan!”
She spun around. A boy dressed in a blue uniform gestured towards her. He ran over and took her suitcase and escorted her to a small group of people who were dressed similarly to him. The boy was red-haired and freckled. His British accent was strong and he seemed very polite.
“Miss Yuri, this is our president, Mr. Aaron Spiel. I’m Randy.” The red-head introduced.
Yuri nodded and shook hands with Mr. Spiel.
“Welcome, Miss Kowan. We are honoured to have you attend our music school.” Mr. Spiel said warmly.
“Thank you for coming all this way.”

They escorted Yuri to a van and rode to the school. England was beautiful in an eerie way. Everything in London was so formal and exquisite. Yuri thought the architecture was unique and brilliant. They arrived at a white marble building and went inside. Pictures and portraits of the orchestra and extraordinary musicians were hung all over the wall.

Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, Yuri saw a lock of slick blonde hair disappear at a corner of the hallway. The girl’s breath got caught in her chest as Simon’s silvery blonde hair flashed across her mind. She dropped her suitcase and ran to the hall where she had seen the boy. But just then, the doors opened and a crowd of students holding violins came out. Yuri searched frantically for the boy but he was gone.

“Yuri, is anything wrong?” the voice of Randy brought her back to her senses.
“Oh, nothing.”
Yuri hesitated, and then asked. “Is there a boy named Simon Kowan in the orchestra?”
Randy looked at her, puzzled.
“No, Yuri. Do you know someone of that name?” he asked.
Yuri’s looked at Randy and shook her head.

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Later, Yuri was brought to a dormitory where there were two beds. Randy brought Yuri to her bed, which was on the far right.
“Yuri, I understand if you’re tired, but in an hour time, there will be a welcome ceremony for you. You can come if you wish.”
Randy set down her suitcase and walked out. The girl peered around the dormitory and hung her clothes up in a closet that she shared with the other girl. She had just set down her picture of her and Simon when the door opened and a girl entered. The girl glanced at Yuri, walked up to her and held out her hand. Her blonde curls were dangling from an expensive butterfly hairpin.

“Hello, I’m Emily Radley. You share a room with me.”
The girl said abruptly in a superior tone. Yuri held out her own hand and shook Emily’s.
“I’m Yuri Kowan.”
“Oh, so you’re the girl from America? Are you going to the ceremony? I wouldn’t miss all the attention for the world if I were you.”
Emily sat onto her own bed and popped a candy into her mouth.
“I play the viola, what about you?”
“I play the harp.” Yuri explained.
She did not feel like engaging in a conversation with anyone right now, especially Emily. Emily seemed to read her thoughts and she hopped off her bed.
“Well, I’m leaving.”
The girl slammed the door behind her.

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